Wednesday, February 15, 2006

RAKs blogging Challenge #2

1. What colors do you use the most when you scrap?
I do try to let the pictures dictate the color of the LOs most times, but lately it is pink. With 4 girls to scrap pictures of how could it not be? Sarah just looks so adorable in pink- it's perfect for her skin tone.

2. What is your favorite kit theme? (like boys, girls, heritage, special event, etc)
I love flowers of all shapes, sizes and colors, so girly kits with lots of flowers are my favorite.

3. What are your favorite elements to use when you scrap?
ribbons, stitching, lots of paper layers, tags, I tend to use all types of elements sparingly

4. Describe your style (even if you don't think you have one!)
Here's how I described it in Mish's "Embracing Your Style" thread at RAKs:
...occasionally I am able to pull off a LO with a totally different style than the 'paper-look' that I so easily fall back on, but most of the time I start out trying something new and it just ends up looking the same as all the others by the time I am done LOL! But you know, when I look through my albums I find myself smiling at the memories and in the end that is all that really matters (though it doesn't keep me from wishing for a new 'hip' style at times).
I have to add that I've been pleased with a few LOs I've done lately that are different than my traditional paper style- love those challenges at RAKs! they help me break out of my comfortable zone and try something new. And it doesn't hurt that I'm learning more about PSE and how to do new things with it. If I have a picture of what I want the LO to look like, but I can't figure out how to achieve it then it gets really frustrating and I fall back on what I know.

5. If you could have one kit made especially for you, what would it be for?
I would like a baby duck kit to go with all of Sarah's ducks- blanket, toys, clothing, etc. I have colors all picked out (greens, yellows, peach and different shades of white) but I just haven't been pleased with what I came up with when I tried to do one myself.


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Hi Melinda - I'm in the same boat - first time blogger feeling my way through. Good Luck with yours!

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