Sunday, October 28, 2007

Christmas is in the air

well, at least at our house it is starting to have a holiday flair LOL I spent some time last week making Christmas cards for the monthly card exchange we've been doing at TrinityCrop. I got to dig out some of the Christmas kits I bought during the sales last year and hadn't used yet. Nothing terribly fancy on these, but it is amazing how much a little glitter glue can dress something up ;)

and just because I don't remember if I've shown off the other cards I did for the previous months here those are too, sorry if they are repeats ;)
for October:
and the ones I did for September:

It sounds a whole lot like Christmas at my house too lately since the kids have started picking out Christmas videos from the library to watch, and Bryce has been practicing 'Jingle Bells' on his trumpet. The middle school band is going to march in the city christmas parade on December 1. They had their first after school practice with all of the grades together Wednesday last week, and the first few bars went pretty well I'd say. I happened to have my camera and snapped a few pics to share. You'll have to pardon the sun glare on them, I fixed them up as best I could. It didn't seem to matter which way I was facing, I still ended up with glare.
I started my Christmas cookie baking Saturday night too. I know Dale appreciates getting cookies to enjoy with his evening coffee every year, and plus I just like having an excuse to bake bunches of cookies! :D We started out with Snickerdoodles. It went pretty quickly with all of the sets of hands I had to help shape the dough balls and then roll them in the cinnamon- sugar topping. Yum!

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