Sunday, August 03, 2008

the week before school wrap-up

Wow the week flew by! Here's a list of what all I did:

- I washed and dried all of the sleeping bags we used on vacation
-I unpacked all of the suitcases (or told the older kids to unpack them)
-Monday I went to the library with the youngest two kids while the older ones went to Grandmama's house and did some yard work for her.
-Tuesday I took the twins to dance class.
- Wednesday we went shopping for school supplies

and then we went to the middle school to pick up Bryce's schedule, and I forgot the camera so we had to go back again so I could get my annual start of school pictures with his first locker.

oh, and I did a little 'supply' shopping too- I dragged all of the kids up to Archiver's after we got the school supplies so I could go run in and get these little goodies I played with at CHA doing make and takes and loved:
If you've ever made a hybrid chipboard album, you NEED the Basic Grey Precision File Set. It's awesome for getting those paper edges trimmed smoothly! and the Fiskars Fingertip Control Craft Knife is great for really having control over where the blade goes. I'm not a slouch with an Xacto knife (not an expert either though) and this one is much easier to control than a regular knife.
-Thursday the kids and I had breakfast at the church, and afterwards there was a short meeting and discussion about what is being planned for the ladies' bible study this next year. The 3 older girls got haircuts for back to school in the afternoon.
-Friday I did some designing, and got these up in my store at Scrapdish:
and I worked on a new set of digicraft templates too, but I haven't gotten the samples put together for those yet so I don't have anything to show off at the moment. I finished up a my part of the Scrapdish September collab as well, but I can't show that off yet either.

Mark came home Friday night with a finished paper for the conference in Savannah in September, ready to submit to the approval office on base. He spent lots of extra time this week working on it (ie he got home very late several evenings).
We spent most of Friday evening sitting at Red Robin for dinner. We had to wait 45 minutes to get a table and then they were so busy it took forever to get our order taken and then get food. We were killing time because it was so darn hot at home, that we didn't mind all that much (well at least the grown-ups didn't mind LOL). We shattered the all time high temperature for this date, by I think 10 degrees.
-Saturday we went to my mom's to move her shed for her so that she will have someplace to park her new camping trailer when it arrives next week and then we hung out at her house all day because she had A/C there and it was really hot again. Only the A/C konked out during the afternoon-figures! Mark looked at it and thinks the whole main unit is going to have to be replaced, so it is up in the air as to whether that will get done or if it will wait until next summer. Hopefully this heat wave will go away soon and the temps will be more reasonable for the rest of the season.
-Sunday (today) I was in charge of nursery, and it was our senior pastor's last day with us. He is moving to a church in NJ. We are going to miss him. There was a big lunch/reception during the Sunday School time for their family, and I had agreed to help clean up since I was too late to get on the 'bring food' list because we were gone on vacation. That meant almost two hours in the kitchen washing and drying the glass dishes that we used. I think I will remember to ask next time what sort of tableware will be used before I agree to that again :P

Oh, and I got some scrapping done too!
credits: Melty Pops by Libby Weifenbach at SweetShoppeDesigns; fonts: CK Dandy

and a couple of layouts with pics from our first day of vacation.
credits: by Chere Kaye: light green paper from Breezy Afternoon FPD collab; red and yellow papers and red ribbon from Summertime Backyard FPD collab; word strips from Beach Vacation FPD collab (recolored); frame, stitched swirl and flower (recolored) from Sunshine & Lemonade FPD collab; Everyday Basics Cardstock; alpha from Lady Savannah (FPD June Collab); Triple Dipped Stitches- The Basics #2
Templates with Attitude 14 by Tracy Blankenship at Scrapdish
tag on string by Corina Nielsen
Date It by Amber Clegg at Scrapartist
fonts: SBC Courtney's Journal, DB Calendar Doodles

credits: Nature Girl by Tania Cordova Shaw, FPD Teacher's Pet round 1 kit; Templates with Attitude 15 by Tracy Blankenship at FPD; Owl from The Sky is Falling by Krystal Hartley, FPD Teacher's Pet round 1 kit; I Can See Clearly layer style by Misty Cato at SweetShoppeDesigns; Acrylic shadow by Traci Reed; fonts: CK June Bug Louise

and I spent all of Saturday and Sunday afternoon to evenings working on the PHS reunion pages. I'm all caught up with the pictures that people have sent so far. I hope we get some more in though too as only about 1/3 of my classmates have sent something. It's neat seeing where people are and what they are doing- we are a very diverse group!

Beth and Carissa are having a sleep-over at a friend's house.
Tomorrow afternoon Bryce and Beth have orthodontist appointments.
Tuesday Bryce starts school, and Beth, Carissa, and Brenna have 'meet the teacher' night at school when we can drop off the boxes of supplies we bought. The twins have their last summer tap dance class and ensemble tryouts that evening too.
Wednesday Beth and Carissa start school, and Sarah and I have a haircut appointment. Half day kindergarten doesn't start until the 11th, so Brenna has a few more days of relaxation. I'm not sure she is going to see it that way though LOL She is ready to start, but seems to get a bit nervous if we all talk about it too much.

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Anonymous Britny said...

Good girls..! They are looking awesome with their school supplies.

4:13 AM  
Blogger Robin said...

Wow you've been busy! :)
I found the fiskars finger blade at Michaels but I'm going to have to order my files online. I need to get working on my hybrid album soon - mom's birthday is coming up!

5:59 PM  
Blogger Gina said...

Oooooh, all those school supplies...I'm salivating! :) I love that part. I loved buying homeschooling curriculum this year and have loved reading through it all. Love the locker pictures!

9:03 PM  
Anonymous Tania said...

The twins are getting really tall! And Bryce in Middle School. So exciting!
I've been bad about reading blogs, I enjoyed catching up on your vacation I can't believe that trip home for you guys, ykes!

2:24 PM  

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