Monday, October 19, 2009

Sarah’s 4th Birthday

We celebrated Sarah’s 4th birthday on Saturday evening. She was having a hard time waiting for her party and most of last week you could find her ‘baking’ cakes out of toys. She would pile them up pyramid style and call it a cake- so cute!

Thursday, a birthday card from MommyPat and Walt arrived in the mail. While I was shopping for the groceries we needed for the party on Friday the big girls took Sarah over to the toy section and helped her pick out something to get with the money that was sent in the card. She chose a Pinkie Pie pony, some glittery pink nail polish and a tube of pink lip gloss.

Finally the big day arrived, and I had a hard time keeping her out of the way while I worked on the cake for the party. The theme was Carebears this year. Carebears, My Little Pony, and Strawberry Shortcake are favorites of the smaller girls in our house, which takes me back to my own childhood years a bit. We tried something a little different this year and let her open the pile of presents right away. Then, she had something to occupy her while I finished getting dinner ready for everyone. That worked rather nicely, I thought.

  2009_1017_Sarah-4thbirthday-7 2009_1017_Sarah-4thbirthday-9 2009_1017_Sarah-4thbirthday-13 2009_1017_Sarah-4thbirthday-16 2009_1017_Sarah-4thbirthday-20 2009_1017_Sarah-4thbirthday-22 2009_1017_Sarah-4thbirthday-23 2009_1017_Sarah-4thbirthday-24
A cake and cupcakes. I had to have a few cupcakes for the cupcake princess at her party- she of course chose a cupcake to eat over the cake ;) 
2009_1017_Sarah-4thbirthday-26 2009_1017_Sarah-4thbirthday-30 2009_1017_Sarah-4thbirthday-31 2009_1017_Sarah-4thbirthday-32
One of the biggest differences that I noticed this year during the party in Sarah was that she sat there while we all sang and just grinned from ear to ear that she had everyone’s attention. No trying to hide while we sang to her this time.2009_1017_Sarah-4thbirthday-33 2009_1017_Sarah-4thbirthday-36
Fun with the party hats and blowers after all of the sugary treats were consumed. Tired kids probably had a bit to do with it too, but it was sure nice to hear giggling and laughter instead of fighting for a change! 2009_1017_Sarah-4thbirthday-44 2009_1017_Sarah-4thbirthday-49 2009_1017_Sarah-4thbirthday-50
And Sarah finally had the opportunity to try out her new Dora the Explorer Wii game on Sunday after lunch. She picked up on most of it quickly and completed the first level in the time she was allowed.2009_1018_Sarah-Wii-32009_1018_Sarah-Wii-6


Blogger Kim Jensen said...

Happy birthday, Sarah! The cake is terrific! So glad you had a good day!

7:27 AM  
Blogger Robin said...

Happy birthday Sarah!!! Can't believe she's 5! :) Love the cake - it looks awesome!

7:45 PM  

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