Sunday, September 13, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Wrap-up

OK, so I had intentions of getting this post done by the end of last weekend, but it took me longer than expected to edit all of the photos. I did get them up on facebook before the weekend was over at least. Then, I had to scrap a few for the blog post, of course, and since dance classes started on Tuesday there just hasn’t been as much time to scrap.

Friday night, we took the kids to the CO State Fair down in Pueblo. We had been once before several years ago, but none of the older three remembered going. With the hour drive down there, then eating dinner, it was almost 7P when we finally got to the fair so we didn’t get to see everything. I think we got a good smattering of everything in except the rides in the two hours or so we were there.


journaling: The kids brought home free tickets to the state fair, and we decided to take advantage of them this year. We hadn't been in many years, and I don't think any of the kids remembered having gone before. The kids thought the lumberjack show was very cool. Beth & Carissa could have watched the people exercising their horses for an hour. The corn and bean boxes were a favorite part of the Department of Agriculture tent. The lights and smells were classic ‘fair’ memories. The sea lion show and sharks were novel for many Coloradans. The kids were very impressed with all of the 4H entries in the cooking and various sewing categories. And of course the petting barn was a favorite of all of the girls.
credits: Pat Me by Kaye Winieki at TheLilyPad; Storyboard frames by Michelle Filo (blog freebie); hills from No Place Like Home by Pixel Works and HGD by Laurie Ann at; alphas by Dani Mogstad: banner alpha from County Fair, tan alpha from True Blue; Date Bits 19 by Misty Cato; fonts: TXT Abrasive

Saturday and Sunday we went to the Balloon Classic festival in Memorial Park. Saturday morning the weather didn’t cooperate, so the balloons weren’t allowed to lift-off the ground. Several of the pilots chose to put their balloons up for us anyway. Saturday night the balloon glow went off without a hitch. Since the lift-off didn’t go on Saturday we went back on Sunday morning. After a one hour delay to wait for the winds to settle down, the balloons were allowed to go up. Only the lower winds were calm, so the balloons stayed low and hovered over the park. It is always a beautiful sight to see 20+ balloons in the air above you at one time. Carissa was at a friend’s slumber party Saturday night/Sunday morning, so she wasn’t with us to see this. Mark took her down to the park Monday morning to see the lift-off then.

I’ve always found the balloon classic photos hard to scrap- it’s just difficult to get a good balance between the photo and the rest of the page since they are usually so colorful.
quote: When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return. ~Leonardo Da Vinci
credits: lifted from
"One Fine Thursday" by AmyK ; Papers by Pixel Works (aka Michelle Godin), from Super Klean Kraft at scrapartist and Over the Rainbow (retired); Dressed Up Dots by Robin Carlton (retired); Alpha and felt circle by Dani Mogstad, from Hand Stitched Alphabet at SweetShoppeDesigns; Paint splashes from Home Life addon by Jessica Bolton (retired); Clay sun by Amy Knepper; Balloon from A Perfect Day by Flergs and Kaye Winieki at scrapbookgraphics; Playing With Paper 15 by Michelle Filo at LittleDreamerDesigns; fonts: Century Gothic, FO Messy Bessy

journaling:  It’s a Labor Day tradition both in Colorado Springs, and in our home. We look forward to the weekend when hot air balloons fill the sky over town. The Saturday morning liftoff this year didn’t happen because of some strong winds higher up, but the pilots were allowed to stand them up for us if they chose. The glow on Saturday night was as beautiful as always, and Sunday morning the balloons finally filled the sky for us after a one hour delay. They hovered over the park showing off their colors as the upper winds were too swift to be safe.

and here are a few more pictures that I took- just because they are so pretty. You can see more in the photo album over at my facebook account.

    2009_0904_BalloonClassic-51 2009_0904_BalloonClassic-61 2009_0904_BalloonClassic-84 2009_0904_BalloonClassic-101 2009_0904_BalloonClassic-117 2009_0906_BalloonClassic-11 2009_0906_BalloonClassic-54 2009_0906_BalloonClassic-55 2009_0906_BalloonClassic-68
We spotted Santa enjoying one of his summer-time activities ;)2009_0906_BalloonClassic-69 2009_0906_BalloonClassic-1402009_0906_BalloonClassic-1512009_0906_BalloonClassic-1932009_0906_BalloonClassic-210

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