Monday, August 10, 2009

Is 13 an unlucky year?

You know how bad things seem to come in groups? Bryce turned 13 and this summer seems to be the time that the things we own are all breaking. And no, I’m not saying that in any way Bryce is responsible for any of this LOL
So far this year we have had to put money into:
*My old HP laptop processor went out. We had already ordered me the new one by the time Mark got lucky and his guess of getting a new processor sorted out the problems it was having.
*Brakes on the Corolla, and evidently now one of the brake lights is out, our neighbor informed me after I got back from the grocery store last evening. Mark isn’t sure if it is actually the bulbs that are burned out or if something with the wiring is wrong.
*The power window motor on the front passenger side of the van needed to be replaced. The lock on the sliding door on that side has ‘issues’ from time to time too. The tires on the van need to be replaced.
*The gate into the backyard had to be completely rebuilt. Mark was tired of trying to shore it up, so he just started completely over with a new metal frame that will hopefully stand up to the kids running in and out of it all of the time.
*The television in the family room was giving off its final gasps Sunday morning, so Mark took that opportunity to run out and buy a big new flat screen. He had been wanting one for a while, but I kept saying no as the one we had worked- until yesterday. That of course meant he had to rearrange the room, which meant moving the old TV cabinet upstairs to Brenna and Sarah’s room, and that meant I spent the afternoon cleaning things up. Organization skills do not come to my children naturally, unfortunately, and I spent most of my time sorting the toys out and collecting them from all over the house to sort some more. I’ve got more work to do in the family room too, as now there is a bunch of scrapbook supplies that were tucked under the table the TV is sitting on that need a new home. A wall mount for the TV has been ordered, and I’m not sure how exactly the room is going to be arranged in the end. That complicates getting things put up before the twins’ birthday/slumber party Friday night.
*Our phone stopped working yesterday afternoon. Thankfully the internet was still working, but we had no dial-tone at all. We had to call the phone company for a repair ticket. (Exactly how people without a cell phone accomplish that is a mystery!)  The problem was outside our house, so it didn’t cost us anything. All of the rain we have been having evidently shorted out the line in the junction box. The major junction box for our house is in our neighbor’s back yard, buried – which it evidently shouldn’t be.  The phone company was supposed to put it on a pedestal of some sort during the house construction and it never did, she said. Our neighbor has been having troubles with her phone line too, so it is something that needs to be taken care of. Exactly who is responsible for getting it done is unclear at this point.
*It’s a little thing (but important), several toilets need new seats.
*The water pipe to the sprinkler system outside burst again when we turned on the water in the spring. Of course it couldn’t break outside. Oh no, it had to split in the ceiling of the basement bathroom, which means we have a huge hole that still needs to be patched down there over the tub.
*Curtains for the windows of the house everywhere are falling apart or falling off the walls.
*It hasn’t stopped working yet, but the microwave above the stove is making funny popping noises every now and then. It has stopped working before and Mark did something that fixed it, but it was just lucky as he doesn’t know exactly what he did that time. I think if it does break again he will just suggest replacing it.

I’m sure there are more that I’m just not thinking of at the moment too.



Blogger Pumpy said...

Your really are having a bad time, it is amazing how everything goes at once. Keep well and happy, thats what I say, touch most things are fine in my house so can say that. God Bless xxx

5:32 AM  
Blogger Kim Jensen said...

That's quite a list! Maybe it will make you feel better if you make a list of all the big-ticket items that are still working fine. Or you might want to wait until Bryce turns 14 to make that list, just to make sure you don't jinx it. LOL

2:12 PM  

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