Saturday, July 18, 2009

New web address for the Alfred H. Locke B24 crew website

Dale let me know a couple of months ago that geocities had informed him that they would be shutting down in the near future and that we would need to move the crew website I put together for us. I’ve been doing some looking around at options and finally settled on Once I got started moving the files over, I just kept going until I got it all done. I think I heard Dale’s sigh of relief all the way from St.Louis this evening that it is taken care of. I didn’t see a way to import the backup files I managed to get with the help of a friend-of–a-friend, so I had to build it all again from scratch. Weebly just upgraded their editor capability and speed last week, and I was pleasantly surprised at how fast it all went. It will be easier to edit this site too, so hopefully I can keep it up to date better now.

Here is the new address:
You can leave comments on the blog there, if you like. They use a blog instead of a formal guestbook. I got some aerial photos of one of the crew’s actual missions from a site visitor a while back. Hopefully I can find them and get them added to the site soon.

Update your bookmarks now because once geocities shuts down in October sometime the previous website there will just be gone.

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