Friday, June 12, 2009

More Recent Layouts


journaling: It was a beautiful spring evening with a breeze, so we ventured to the park to enjoy the warm temperatures and fresh air. There was just enough wind to get the kite up into the air.
credits: A Little Ray of Sunshine by Peta Boardman at scrapbookgraphics, Gridlocked Template Set 1 by Hillary Heidelberg at scrapbookgraphics
fonts: Typewriter


credits: So you Think You Know Me, Border Effects, Bliss, April Showers, Noted Garden, Just Wordies- Birthday Goodness by Holly McCaig at; template by Chrissy W at elementalscraps; fonts: LD Letterpress, Century Gothic


journaling: Brenna received a certificate for a free ice cream cone from Baskin Robins for good behaviour from school. The girls had fun picking from the many different flavors. Mama and Daddy both stuck with good ole chocolate too. Yum!
credits: Sweeter Than Candy by Misty Cato from The Fix May 2009 at DSA; Monday stamp from Shabby Week by Chris Grieser; date labels from Every Day by Jen Yurko; P52 Week 21 template by Tracy Blankenship at funkyplaygrouddesigns
fonts: CK Becky

I collaged a few of my favorite photos from this outing into one for this layout.FountainCreek-Geese_3-1-08

credits: Earth Laughs in Colors and Mixed Grass by Saxon Holt at scrapbook-elements; fonts: CK Script


I enjoyed putting this layout together for Beth- I don't think I will tell her what all of the things are, she will just have to discover them on her own as she reads the books.
journaling: Beth began reading Twilight on June 1 and spent all day absorbed in the book. I have to admit to being glad that someone else in the family finds it as fascinating as I did. I am looking forward to discussing the storyline with her as she makes her way through the series this summer.
credits: Into the Twilight by Flergs at; Love Bites by Dani Mogstad, Shawna Clingerman and Traci Reed at; P52 Week 23 template by Tracy Blankenship at
fonts: Black Adder


It's amazing how much they change from year to year, though you don't usually recognize it until you compare photos from one year to the next.
credits: Unamused Boys Vol.2 by Jessica Bolton at funkyplaygrounddesigns
fonts: GF Halda Smashed


credits: New Direction Papers and Swoosh by Dianne Rigdon at; P52 Week 24 template by Tracy Blankenship at; Ready 2 Go and See Me Under: Arrows by Tania Cordova Shaw at; Thrifty Twills and staple from Unamused Boys V2.0 by Jessica Bolton at; also by Jessica Bolton, retired: Graph Cuts and Eclectic Needs Variety Primary Buttons
fonts: Ticket Capitals Impressed and Century Gothic


credits: Delicate Flower by Line Designs for Digital Artist Magazine, May 2009; Doodle Dance Acrylics by Fontologie; fonts: FO Doodle Dance

and a few more layouts from vacations I haven’t finished scrapping yet.


journaling: I had heard and read about all of the wrought iron garden gates and balconies before visiting Savannah, and the historic district did not disappoint me. I loved all of the styles from simple to ornate, and peeking through them to catch glimpses of the homes’ gardens and porches.
credits: Paper Garden and Roseate Delight by Franziska Altmann at scrapbookgraphics; Sketch Collection 21 by Jen Caputo at scrapbookgraphics; Iron alpha from Vivid Intensity by Kim Jensen at scrapdish; fonts: Natural Script


journaling: The robotics room was one of our favorite exhibits. Everyone young and old enjoyed playing with the robots- drawing and dancing with them, trying to beat them, and learning how they are used in industry to build the things we use every day in a quicker and more efficient manner.
credits: Industre by Flergs at scrapbookgraphics; template 114 by Yin Designs; fonts: CK Carbon Copy


journaling: It was fascinating to watch the various robots assemble and test our own toy top, & then personalize it just for us.
credits: Beep Boop by Lauren Grier and Kristen Cronin-Barrow at SweetShoppeDesigns; i Robot by Kate Hadfield and Kaye Winieki at The-LilyPad; fonts: Courier

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