Friday, June 12, 2009

School Layouts

I made it through the end of school and recital, and then picked up a nasty cold bug that has knocked me out for most of this week. Typical- I get to the end of a busy/stressful time and then get sick. At least we were at home instead of going on vacation somewhere, but so much for getting some things done like the mounds of laundry that have built up in everyone’s room while I didn’t have to worry about ferrying people to summer dance classes, which start next week. Today is the first day I’ve started to feel a smidge better, so hopefully I’ll be over this by the time the weekend is done.

One of the best things that Brenna brought home at the end of the year was a little book of pictures that were taken during class. Since I don’t have much opportunity to get in and help in the classroom, I was very appreciative. Brenna said she got to pick a few of the ones that she wanted for it.


journaling:   It has been so fun to watch you learn and grow this year, Brenna. You’ve made new friends and developed some confidence in what you can do when you try. I hope you have lots of good memories of your kindergarten year!
credits: Preschool Palooza by Emily Powers and Kate Hadfield at WeAreStoryTellers (retired); Pack To School by Helene Duchet at scrapbookgraphics; I Can See Clearly Layer Styles by Misty Cato; Make The Grade (globe) by Jaque Larsen; File It Under... Glitzy by Michelle Godin; fonts: CK Ali's Writing, 2Peas Sandbox

Brenna_KindergartenMay09-1 Brenna_KindergartenMay09-2


journaling: Yeah, kiddo! You did it! Daddy and I are so proud of you and how hard you have worked this year. Besides your letters, numbers, sight words, writing, and all of the many other things you learned, we hope that you remember that you will only succeed if you first give the new things a try. Have confidence in yourself! You made it through kindergarten and we know you will be a success in first grade too!
credits: Children's Day by Amy Sumrall, SYTYCD week 4 kit; P52 Week 22 template by Tracy Blankenship at FunkyPlaygroundDesigns; string (SYTYCD week 1), curly ribbon (Tangerine Twist) and apple flair (SYTYCD week 2 kit) by Flergs; acrylic bracket from Garden Pop by Kim Jensen at scrapdish; bubblewrap stamps from Reality Check by Suzy-Q Scraps (SYTYCD week 2 kit); File It Under... glitzy by Michelle Godin; fonts: CK Journaling condensed


credits: Children's Day QP by Amy Sumrall, SYTYCD week 4 kit
fonts: 2Peas Sandbox

Carissa_5thGradeTeacher_5-2 Elizabeth_5thGradeTeacher_5

credits: Paisley Crush, Paisley Crush Handy Helpers 1 and 2, and Fresh Coat Lil Alpha by Dianne Rigdon at scrapartist; fonts: Christine


credits: Paisley Crush, Shabby Love: Soft Things, Shiny Things, Paper Things, and Cut Paper Sugars, and Fresh Coat: Lil Alpha and Shabby Stencils by Dianne Rigdon at scrapartist; Layered Sketches for Creating Keepsakes April 2008 by Jen Caputo
fonts: Century Gothic, Natural Script, Impact


journaling: Graduation started off with the presentation of the Officer David Pratt award. Officer Pratt has been the DARE officer assigned to our school for many years and this award was established by him to honor the 5th grade student who best exemplifies leadership and citizenship. After Mrs. Patchen finished reading this wonderful letter and tribute to this year’s chosen recipient, it was announced that it was our Elizabeth!
credits: Paisley Crush, and Rainy Days Quick Pages and Clusters by Dianne Rigdon at scrapartist
fonts: SBC Distressed Typewriter, Times New Roman, TXT Romanesque

This layout about the science fair projects the kids did has been a couple of weeks in the making since I photographed and extracted most of the items for the sections on what the kids did. Those wire things for Carissa’s section were a bear and took forever! At least the toothpicks were easy ;)


journaling:  We had 3 very different science fair projects going on in our house this spring. Bryce built toothpick bridges and crushed them with metal marbles and cans of food from the pantry (they held much more wieght than I expected!), Elizabeth tried to grow new plants from cut leaves and rooting powder. The results were not what we expected, and it turns out that it just needed more time than we had to see the real results. Carissa learned about copper plating and the conditions that you need to make it successful. Hers was the most immediately visible and was quite fun to watch. as it progressed.
credits: Science Fair by Kim Hill at CGEssentials; Copper Alpha from Something Special by Meredith Fenwick; Old Copper Penny by Misty Cato; Grandma's Garden by Shabby Miss Jenn; Scruffy Stitches by Amy Hutchinson at After5Designs; Ooey Gluey alpha by Aja Abney at scrapartist; hot glue blobs from Crafting with.... Garden Borders by Dianne Rigdon at scrapartist
fonts: CK Chemistry

ScienceFair2009-1 ScienceFair2009-2

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