Friday, June 05, 2009

Dancing the Nights Away

The end of the year dance recital is here, and this year with Beth and Carissa involved in the tap competition group and opening number, we get to go to both nights of the recital. I’m a stage mom for the petite kids in the ensemble room on the second night as well as having kids performing both nights. So, after two full nights of dress rehearsals I have pictures of all of the kids’ dances to share. First up is the opening number, but I won’t put up photos from that since I’ve shown that number before.

“Peppermint Twist”-ing with Brenna, who took her first combo dance class this year with Ms. Cindy. 2009_0603_TDC-dancerecital2009-135_filtered2009_0603_TDC-dancerecital2009-142_filtered2009_0603_TDC-dancerecital2009-145_filtered2009_0603_TDC-dancerecital2009-146_filtered   

In the second half, the twins have their tap 4 number- Johnny B. Goode as performed by Elvis.

 2009_0603_TDC-dancerecital2009-171_filtered 2009_0603_TDC-dancerecital2009-180_filtered 2009_0603_TDC-dancerecital2009-182_filtered 2009_0603_TDC-dancerecital2009-185_filtered 2009_0603_TDC-dancerecital2009-187_filtered 2009_0603_TDC-dancerecital2009-188_filtered

Then the twins have their ballet number, which is titled “Feels Like Spring.” 2009_0603_TDC-dancerecital2009-295_filtered 2009_0603_TDC-dancerecital2009-296_filtered 2009_0603_TDC-dancerecital2009-300_filtered 2009_0603_TDC-dancerecital2009-302_filtered


and on the second night of recital (which will be Saturday), the twins do opening number again and “Footloose Doll.” Here are a few shots from rehearsal of Footloose. The camera angle is a bit different for these pictures as I’m in one of the side boxes, shooting across the stage. 2009_0604_TDC-dancerecital2009-18_filtered 2009_0604_TDC-dancerecital2009-34_filtered 2009_0604_TDC-dancerecital2009-49_filtered

Ok, off to start curling hair again! Getting three girls all primped and ready to go in time is a challenge!


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