Saturday, May 02, 2009

Catching Up with Layouts

I’m sitting at a Burger King while the kids enjoy the games and play area here for a while. I keep forgetting that this new computer came with Windows Live Writer and I don’t have to be on-line to work on blog posts!

This last week went by pretty quickly with the usual busyness. Bryce’s report on computers for language arts is done, and his toothpick bridge science project is completed too. Beth’s experiment is underway, and we need to give Carissa’s a try to make sure we will have a little time to do some tweaking if it doesn’t work the first time. Next week the elementary school kids only have 3 days of school for some reason. I can’t figure out why they do the schedule the way the do a lot of the time. I don’t remember having so many days off when I was a kid. Dance classes are going and the teachers are getting the recital pieces polished up as we only have a few weeks left now.

I’ve been meaning all week to get this post written, and so here it is- nothing fancy, just catching up with getting my latest layouts posted.


One of the signs spring is coming is when the fresh strawberries start arriving in the grocery store. We love to eat them fresh!
credits: Victorian Strawberry by Flergs and Kaye Winiecki at; Maya's Personal Stash- The Ultimate Staple Collection by Maya at; Vellum Date Dots by Ellie Lash at; P52 Week 15 template by Tracy Blankenship at FunkyPlaygroundDesigns; fonts: FO Messy Bessy


journaling: All the years I played in the orchestra at church growing up, I never imagined that I would someday be playing for Christian music stars like Steve Green and Michael Card. The best thing about these experiences has been feeling the wonderful sense of worship these men bring to the concerts. They aren’t there to increase their fame and fortune, but to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and to worship and praise Him through their music. it is humbling to be a part of such a mighty worship experience.
credits: Wishing 4 Sunshine Papers, Vintage Labels, Apothecary Journals, Office Dates, and Defined Stamps by Holly McCaig at 2Peasinabucket; Paperborders Volume 9- Music and Sing A Song Alpha by Birgit Kerr at scrapbookgraphics; Date Stamps by Amber Clegg at scrapartist; P52 Week 14 Template by Tracy Blankenship at funkyplaygrounddesigns; fonts: SP Wonderful Wendy, Susie's Hand


The individual pictures of the kids during the Easter portrait session.
credits:Tropicana and For Mellisa (B&W alpha and circles) by Flergs at; The Daily Digi Template 5 by Janet Phillips;
fonts: snowshoe


The girls literally singing and dancing in the snow/rain last week.
credits: by Dianne Rigdon at scrapartist: Rainy Days Collection- solids, papers, art bits, flowers, bling, and journals frames and mats; Notables Stacks and Frames; Shabby Love Alpha x2 - Black and Cream
Alphapalooza Random Bits1 by Corina Nielsen at funkyplaygrounddesigns; fonts: FO Doodle Dance


journaling: Carissa and Beth have become good friends with Alyssa this year. She lives just a few blocks from us and they often walk to and from school together as well as just hang out together at our house.
credits: Girlfriends- Paperie 2 and Elements by Holly McCaig at; Press Plate No. 15 by Paislee Press for PencilLines blog (PencilLines #130) ; fonts: CK June Bug Louise, Gigi


journaling: Beth chose to work with plants for her 5th grade science project. She will be exploring the effects of rooting hormone on geranium leaf cuttings.
credits: Grandma's Garden by Shabby Miss Jenn at scrapbookgraphics; Eye Love You Year Round and Eye Love you Labeled by Berna Datema at scrapbookgraphics; Layered Up in You- Scallops by Lauren Grier at SweetShoppeDesigns;
fonts: FO Weathered and FO Journal Away


journaling: Brenna drew this picture of her and Sarah at school during free-time.
credits: Sparkly Delight and Crumpled Paper Borders Vol 4- Family by Birgit Kerr at scrapbookgraphics; scalloped mat from Drafts & Blueprints Bundle 2 by Tangie Baxter and DeCrow Designs at scrapbookgraphics; Matties Curlers by Corina Nielsen at funkyplaygrouddesigns; fonts: CK Becky


A compilation of P365 photos from February to April. This template, made by a fellow SBG crew-mate comes with an awesome action that resizes all of your pictures and puts them in the correct spot.


credits: Angel's World by Line Designs at; Heart Template/Action by Arisu at TheDigiChick; fonts: CK Becky


and I did this LO last week for the Digi-dares #130 challenge to scrap a layout with no photos and to use a silhouette or outline on your layout. One of those rare quirky ideas I get occasionally when I saw the challenge for the week and I had to go with it. I showed Brenna the LO and told her I made it for her since she still thinks that incident was so funny- she just laughed again, and that is what it is all about.


journaling: July 20, 2007 I took Brenna & baby Sarah to the zoo. Brenna had lots of fun feeding the Budgies seeds on a stick. As we were getting ready to leave, a green bird landed on top of my head, and I couldn’t get a picture because my camera was around my neck. Brenna has no problem reminding me of this time & still laughs about it almost 2 years later!
credits: all at scrapbookgraphics: Bunnies, Bees and the Birds' Big Balloon {A Spring Collection} and Flying Dreams Storybook Papers Collection by Lorie Davison, Crumpled Paper Borders & Templates- Vol10 Children by Birgit Kerr, Text Paths Collection 1 by Jen Caputo; Nikon camera photo found on internet
fonts: CK Becky, Baby Boston

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