Saturday, April 25, 2009

Brenna's 6th Birthday party pictures and Bryce is 13

I'm always happy to see the end of April because the schedule starts to calm down a bit. The city-wide Battle of the Books took place on the 16th, and while the Remington team didn't place in the competition they still did the best that any team from our school has done, so we are quite proud. The dance competitions are all done now- the second one was last weekend on the 18th in the middle of that huge spring snowstorm we were hit with. The twins' tap group picked up another 'first place overall' for their age group, and our dance studio as a whole got the big award for best overall senior dancers. Science projects are going. Bryce has to have his project board completed by the end of next week so we are in the final stretch of that particular one, which means we are to hard part of getting everything written up and put on the poster as well as preparing for an oral presentation of his project to the class. We will be getting Beth's actual experiment started tomorrow afternoon since it involves plants and will take over a week to complete the data collection. Bryce's birthday was last week too and we took him and a couple of friends out for a party yesterday evening- I'll have to leave you hanging on that one yet since I'm just now getting the post for the first birthday this month done and I don't have the pictures off of the camera yet. LOL

journaling: We celebrated Brenna’s 6th birthday with a My Little Pony party. Because of dance competitions for her older sisters we had to wait over a week after her birthday to have it, and she did very well at waiting. I think it might have made it a bit more exciting even. Her friends Abby Dall and Riley Fisher and two of Beth and Carissa’s friends came to help us celebrate. They made beaded bracelets and played pin the mark on the pony, ate purple pony cake, and then played with the new pony and pet toys after they were opened. It was a fun way to celebrate Brenna’s special day.
credits: Miss Cherie by Glam Fairy at scrapbookgraphics; All the Sweet Flavors by Lauren Grier at SweetShoppeDesigns; Template 67 by Yin Designs; fonts: CK Becky

and here is last week's birthday boy. It's hard to believe we officially have a teenager in the house now.
journaling: It’s official, we are now the parents of a teenager. Where did the years and our little boy go? We now have a handsome young man in his place. Already he is 2.5” taller than his mother (which he thinks is quite funny). We are proud of you, Bryce.
credits: by Jessica Bolton: Pastiche for the Boys, Love This Guy, Love This Guy Addon, Just a Memory, Thrifty Solids No 3; Bad Sewing Machine - Don't Be Square by Traci Reed at SweetShoppeDesigns; P52 Week 17 template by Tracy Blankenship at FunkyPlaygroundDesigns
fonts: FO Howie's Stamps Lowfat, TXT Tough Love

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Blogger Mish Gasser said...

Love the My Little Pony party Melinda! Heidi and Gretchen have decided that's what they want for their 7th birthday. I will be picking your brain as to how you made that cake. I think I know how you did it, but I can't figure out what you used to make the mane. :-)

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