Thursday, April 09, 2009

a few layouts

Things are super busy right now, and I'm exhausted trying to keep up with it all. I'm always glad when we get to the end of April and all of the Easter programs and birthday parties and school projects are done. I have managed a few layouts this week. Here they are.

Saxon has a new collab coming out on Sunday with Tracey Monet at scrapbook-elements that was perfect for getting a couple more pages about Daddy done. It is huge and filled with all sorts of perfect embellishments for pages about the handyman in your life or constructions projects.
journaling: There are very few pictures of Richard working at church. He was always in the background, taking care of things dependably and quietly- working on the building the years we spent on the building program, designing sets posters and programs, setting up for Sunday School and ringing the bell, stuffing bulletins into hymnals. He was a silent servant, happy to help in any way he could and content to know that things were done well even if he got no credit for them.
credits: Joe Six Pack by Saxon Holt and Tracey Monette at (coming April 12); fonts: Zapf Chancery LT

journaling: Richard was rarely the one speaking in front of the church. He worked in the background, taking care of the building usually. Heritage had installed a new multi-media projection system not too long before he passed on and was in need of a good ladder to reach it for occasional maintenance. We all agreed that it would be an appropriate use of his memorial fund money to purchase the ladder for the church. It is something he might very well have gone out and bought for them himself. I’m sure he would have been one of the ones using it on a regular basis to change lightbulbs and clean the gutters of leaves. The ladder is pictured on the right the morning that they dedicated it in his memory. Jan. 14, 2007
credits: Joe Six Pack by Saxon Holt and Tracey Monette at; fonts: Zapf Chancery LT

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