Thursday, April 02, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday, Brenna

Another one of my babies hit the 6 year mark today. We're in the second week of spring break right now, so things were busy but fairly low-key. I took everyone to the mall this morning to get our annual Easter pictures taken (2nd week of spring break = avoid the crowds!!) The Easter bunny was there and bored out of his/her mind because no one was interested in having that done. The kids stopped and said 'hello' from the other side of the fence, but since I didn't feel like asking if I could use my own camera and wasn't interested in buying their photos after dropping money at the portrait place that was all I let them do. While we were waiting for the appointment time they had open we went to the KMart in the mall to pick up partyware the twins wanted for their birthday (yes, I buy them this early if they know what they want and I find it!) and since I hadn't purchased anything for Brenna for her birthday yet (bad mom!) I let her pick something she wanted. She chose some My Little Pony sets.

We had lunch, picked up the printed photos, and then stopped at my mom's house for a few minutes since it is not far from the mall to drop off her pictures and say hello. She was surprised to see all of the kids with me- evidently the second week of spring break hasn't sunk in for her yet LOL Then we had to stop at the store to pick up a few things for the birthday dinner that Brenna wants tonight. She wanted 'breakfast for dinner', so we had pancakes, sausage, fruit and juice. We ended the day with cupcakes I bought at the store last night after orchestra rehearsal. I only make one fancy birthday cake and I'm saving the effort for that for the party next weekend. (Any time we did something that was an 'official' birthday event after we got home from the mall Brenna would go get one ofo the crown headbands we have so everyone would know she was the birthday girl LOL)

I finally got Brenna's birthday party officially scheduled for next Saturday in the afternoon earlier this week. I know that is the day before Easter and it will be extra crazy with the church egg hunt in the AM and the twins having a dance rehearsal in the evening, but she wants to invite some friends from school and I just didn't have my act together enough before spring break started to get invites out with all of the dance competition craziness going on. So, Easter weekend will be a zoo and I probably won't know whether I'm coming or going- but how is that much different from normal? :P

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