Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Disney pages for Megan and Family

Scrapping sure goes faster when I don' t have hundreds of photos to sift through LOL! I did all but one of these yesterday. Some of the "On Vacation" kits are available now at, while some will be released throughout the rest of the month. They were all formerly available at the SophiaSarducci shop- a few have been renamed with the move to the new store though the kits are the same.

credits: Second Star to the Right by Saxon Holt at; glitter styles by Flergs and Linda Sattgast;
fonts: FontDinerDotCom

credits: Rabbit Hole by Saxon Holt at; fonts: Gigi

credits: Howdy Partner! by Saxon Hold at; Paper Strip Templates Vol 2 by Emily Merritt at WeAreStoryTellers; Americana Wood alpha by Michelle Coleman; fonts: Artistamp Medium

credits: Outta This World! by Saxon Holt at; Template Collection 24 by Jen Caputo at scrapbookgraphics;
fonts: Century Gothic, Impact

credits: Mouse House, Clusters of Magic, and Magic Stardust by Saxon Holt at; fonts: Walt Disney Script

credits: Vroooooom by Saxon Holt at; Screw from Uncle Vitos' Garage by Saxon Holt; Acrylic Alpha by Flergs at scrapbookgraphics; fonts: CK Newsclips, Arid ITC, Eras Demi ITC

credits: A Bite of the Apple by Saxon Holt at; glitter style by Linda Sattgast;
fonts: Walt's Magic Kingdom, Zapf Chancery LT

credits: Stroke of Midnight and Magic Stardust by Saxon Holt at; glitter styles by Flergs; fonts: ILS Script

credits: Under The Sea by Saxon Holt at; glitter styles by Flergs; fonts: Gigi

There will be more to come later! I need to go work on things for some other designers for a few days ;)

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These are wonderful!!!!

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