Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Footloose Doll & La Luna pictures

Oh, I can tell I'm not as young as I used to be. The busy week and weekend just past have worn me out. It's been three days since we got home and I'm still tired- and I wasn't doing any dancing either. I've managed to get some of the photos processed. Thank goodness for batch processing in Lightroom- at least that was quick and easy. I've been trying out a little program that gets rid of noise in photos, and since I'm only using their free trial I have to do each one individually. I might just have to look into purchasing it if I can set it up somehow to batch process. I came home with over 300 photos just from this weekend and because you can't use a flash they all have lots of noise in them that needs filtering out. I evidently have a hard time taking photos that are horizontal too, so most of them need to be straightened and cropped as well LOL

Here is a LO I did with the pictures of the Petite Tap group doing their Footloose Doll dance.
Here's the music again, by Brian Setzer, if you want to listen along.

credits: Dusk to Dawn, Nightfall, and glitter style by Flergs at; fonts: CK Ali's writing

and since the pictures are a bit small on the layout, here are a few by themselves. Beth and Carissa form the back corners of the purple triangle. Derek and Madison play Eddie and the 'Doll' during the dance and do their own thing acting out some of the lines of the lyrics.
Beth and Carissa have moved to the second and third positions of the line in this photo.
Derek and Madison are working their way around the back of the formation at this point and the purple gals are having fun dancing in front of the stage. Beth and Carissa are still in the 2nd and 3rd positions.
Beth and Carissa are now in 2nd and 4th positions in this photo. Derek and Madison have moved in line with the purple gals and everyone is dancing together.
They all join hands and dance in a circle- Beth and Carissa are right there in the front, left and center.
and they all strike their final pose. Beth and Carissa are in the back of the group with their arms pointing to the right.

Beth and Carissa's friend Shannon, who is also in the Petite Tap group (she is in the center of the purple line most of the time), also performed a ballet solo during the competition. Here are the photos I snapped of her doing her dance.
credits: Stroke of Midnight by Annie Manning and Jofia Devoe, glitter style by Flergs; fonts: CK Script

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