Friday, April 10, 2009

Coloring Eggs, A Purple Pony Cake and Pancakes for Lunch

journaling: We finally squeezed in an egg dyeing session on Thursday night after all of the appointments for the day were done. We had a basic kit with three colors, and the kids had fun exploring mixing them to create new colors from the primary ones we started with. The girls also enjoyed adding stickers to them once they were dry.
credits: Duckys & Bunnies & Eggs, Oh My by Tracey Monette and Saxon Holt at; Templates With Attitude Trios 6 by Tracy Blankenship at; masking tape by Audra Little; fonts: FO Messy Bessy

How I spent my morning and afternoon- Brenna's birthday party is tomorrow afternoon and she chose a My Little Pony theme this year.

and I forgot I did this layout too last week since I haven't uploaded it to any galleries yet. About once a month we go to Grandmama's house for lunch. We usually have some type of pancakes, and Brenna enjoys helping make the batter. Sarah got a puzzle from downstairs and she and I worked it while we waited for the food to be ready.
credits: Rise & Shine, Fresh Fruit, and Vegetable Soup (papers) by Pamela Donnis at DigiChick; Handcut Alpha and Jelly Alpha by Lili at scrapartist; Chipboard Alpha by Kate Hadfield at The-LilyPad; Doodled Borders and masks by Jenna Desai at The-LilyPad; fonts: CK Becky

The next two days are going to be very busy. Tomorrow morning there is an egg hunt at church, then Brenna's birthday party is in the afternoon at home, and Beth and Carissa have a dance rehearsal for Opening Number in the evening. I told Brenna she could come with me to watch if she was willing to spend some of the time working on her sight words and reading with me while we waited. I had tried to get her to do that this afternoon, and she and Sarah were just too hyper from all of the anticipation to make it worth anything. Sunday morning we are having breakfast at church, and then we are going to have lunch at my mom's. I hope I have the energy on Saturday evening for cooking! I'm sure photos of the party won't show up here until Sunday evening at the earliest.

On a happy note, we were thrilled to see some old neighbors again yesterday evening. They lived across the street from us for 2 years and 4 years ago the military moved them to Virginia. They have been renting the house out all these years and now they are back! Their daughter Courtney was a good friend of the twins, so we are glad they have returned. :)

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