Friday, April 10, 2009

5th Grade Battle of the Books

Beth and Carissa are both on our school's Battle of the Books team this year. It is a competitive program for students to encourage them to read. At the elementary level in our area teams are made up of 5th graders and compete against teams from other schools. There is a list of 40 books that each team is supposed to have read. A team is 5 kids, and a school can send up to two teams to the competition. We only have one team this year.

Beth has read all 40 of the books on the list, some more than once now. Carissa has read about half of them, I think. Here's a link to the list of books for this year at our library:
The list does change slightly from year to year- a few books are taken off and others added to replace them, but the bulk of them stay on for several years at a time, if not permanently.

Our district had their practice competition Wednesday morning. They did great and scored the highest points of all of the teams in our room- only missing two of the questions they were allowed to answer on toss-ups when the first team answered them incorrectly, and they didn't miss any of their direct questions. They said they don't do toss-ups in the area competition next week, but they wanted to give everyone more chances at answering. It was interesting. I was surprised Sarah behaved well enough to sit through the whole hour. The area competition isn't really amenable to small people, so I won't be attending that one- just waiting for a report when they get home.

The competition consists of asking them questions about the books and they can confer with each other to come up with the answer, which are given verbally. The first question our team got this morning was about the book The City of Ember: 'what is the most important resource the city is in danger of losing' (or something along those lines), with the answer being 'electricity'. Another one I can remember was from Where the Red Fern Grows about where the names for the dogs came from- they were carved into a tree with a heart around them was the answer- it's been way too long since I've read that particular book, so I didn't remember that one LOL.

Holding up their answer for a toss-up question, which they had 15 seconds to write down. They got 5 points for correct answers to these questions.
Answering a question directed first to their team- they earned 10 points for correct answers. They were allowed 30 seconds to confer amongst themselves and then answer the question.
The final scores after the end of 5 rounds. Remington earned 95 points- 50 from their own questions and 45 on the toss-up questions.
Celebrating another correct answer.

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