Saturday, July 04, 2009

Look Into My Eyes


We renewed our zoo membership yesterday afternoon and spent a couple of hours walking around looking at the animals, along with lots and lots of other people out enjoying the nice weather while it lasted. I thought this sign near the entrance was fitting to go with  the great pictures I got :)


A Joey Wallaby was available for petting. The docent said he was 10  months old.


The birds in the Budgie house were very active. There were several kinds I hadn’t seen before. There was a bright orange and black bird pair that I tried to get a picture of, but they wouldn’t hold still for me.

2009_0703_CMZoo-31 2009_0703_CMZoo-32

Carissa had a stick with a few seeds on it and was able to entice 3 different birds to join her for a minute with it.


The Grizzly Bears were having fun playing in their pool.2009_0703_CMZoo-52 2009_0703_CMZoo-54

Lots of animals were running around in the Big Backyard.

2009_0703_CMZoo-58 2009_0703_CMZoo-73 2009_0703_CMZoo-76 2009_0703_CMZoo-79 2009_0703_CMZoo-88

They recently closed the Reptile House for future renovation, and I had wanted to get pictures of the colorful frogs that used to be housed there, so I was glad to find them located in the Hippo House now.  These first two pics are of the Panamanian Golden  Frogs, which according to their information sign are endangered in the wild because the Chytrid fungus has devastated their population. It is hoped that they can be repopulated from zoos once a preventative or cure for the fungus is found.2009_0703_CMZoo-90 2009_0703_CMZoo-91

American Bullfrogs2009_0703_CMZoo-96 

African Bullfrog- ick! They can get as big as dinner plates! Grandmama asked us if we thought kissing him would turn him into a prince when I showed her the picture while we were waiting for the fireworks to start LOL2009_0703_CMZoo-97

The Komodo Dragon was up at the window watching everyone watch her.2009_0703_CMZoo-101

Poison Arrow Frogs2009_0703_CMZoo-104 2009_0703_CMZoo-109

One of the young orangutans showing off for his admirers on the other side of the glass, while his mother watches from below.


This Lion Tamarin was playing peek-a-boo with people.


and the truly exotic deer  (LOL) were spotted walking through the edge of the zoo as we were leaving. We actually spotted deer three times in various places yesterday, one even had a fawn the girls said though I didn’t see it.


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