Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Back to School Today

And we have officially gone back to school in our district as of today, which was the first full day for everyone.


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In the last couple of weeks we have:
*had Bryce and Beth in for eye exams. Bryce got some new glasses, one pair with transition lenses that he thinks are really cool. His prescription hadn’t changed but he needed new frames.
*All had haircuts
*Beth and Carissa had their annual physical. Their shots were up-to-date, so they got out of that this time around ;)
*Got school supplies for everyone
*Got Beth & Carissa heavy-duty (translation: expensive!) backpacks to carry all of said supplies in for the whole year since they don’t have lockers in the 6th grade hall
*Got band method books for the three oldest
*Picked up schedules and paid the fees for the middle-schoolers. I still have to pay the fees at the elementary, but they haven’t told me what they are yet.

Beth and Carissa had their 6th grade orientation day yesterday, so they were the only ones to go to school. They messed up Beth’s schedule and didn’t put her in band like they were supposed to. That was all too familiar since they did that to Bryce two years ago. Hopefully they will have gotten it straightened out today, but I won’t know until they get home this afternoon. Maybe by hte time we get Sarah to the middle-school they will have figured out that if their last name is ‘Staley’ then they should be in a music class! Brenna got to meet her teacher/see her new classroom/drop off the school supplies yesterday afternoon. I have about 15 more minutes before I have to leave to walk to school to pick her up and see how her first day went.

Sarah's been having a hard time today with everyone gone. She was bugging me every 10 minutes this morning and asked if it was time to go pick up Brenna from school yet about 9:30. I decided to go grocery shopping and take her out for lunch so she could play with some other kids for a bit. She fell asleep on the couch after we got back. I'll probably have to wake her up when it is time to walk to school now.


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