Friday, August 21, 2009

Pixel Works Layouts

I have a new Creative Team! Michelle Godin is back in the designing biz as Pixel Works, and I was happy to get a spot on her new creative team last week. Here are the first LOs I’ve done with her new things, which are available at her store at

credits: by Pixel Works at Best Buddies - Full Kit by PixelWorks, Sunshiney Day- collab with Rachel Young, Tiny Dymo Alpha by PixelWorks, Spring and Summer Wordbits by PixelWorks; La Paperie templates 14-17 by Baers Garten at;  fonts: Pink Flamingo

Bryce and I have a tradition that when we go to pick up his schedule for the new year that I bring my camera along and spend a few minutes taking some portrait shots.

Bryce_8thGrade_7-28-09  credits: Funky Junky Old School by Pixel Works, Rachel Young and Kate Hadfield at; Matties Curlers by Corina Nielsen at; fonts: TXT Scribbletti

I think Sarah and I are off to the mall this morning. I have a bridal shower to attend next weekend and I need to get a gift. Mark is home sick from work again today, and I have a feeling that if I put off venturing out to find a gift then I will end up sick and not able to go out to do it next week. So, today it is while I only have one child to take with me. I spent yesterday evening after dinner out shopping with the kids- Bryce needed new pants and gym clothes, and all three of the older kids had money they wanted to spend. So, the twins spent a good hunk of their birthday money on a Hannah Montana The Movie BlueRay DVD, 2 Webkinz animals and a couple of Littlest Pet Shop animal sets.  Bryce spent a little of his lawn-mowing money on some Pokemon cards he wanted.

I spent some time yesterday afternoon getting all of the calendars updated since Bryce brought home a schedule for jazz band practices before school. The twins have joined the ‘honor choir’ at school, which they are able to do because it meets in the mornings before school. Between jazz band, honor choir, and trying to keep track of whether it is a band or spanish day (those two classes alternate every other day this year- that is a whole ‘nother post/rant), and if Brenna has school or not since the elementary students have quite a few days off the middle doesn’t, the calendar is getting pretty cluttered. After labor day all of the dance classes for the year will be in full swing too, so it will get even more hectic around here.


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Hi Melinda! So nice to hear from you! I can't believe you have all those templates! :) I'm so flattered :) I'm afraid I haven't any more templates to add to the store now and am very stressed at work so might be a little slow though I scrap some everyday to relax! Can you email me at yindgs at yahoo dot com dot sg I'll like to extend the coupon for you to give myself more time! Yin

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