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This week’s LOs

I keep trying to plug away at the Savannah vacation photos. One day I will get this album completed! SavannahRiverwalk_9-19-08 SavannahRiverwalk_9-19-08-1SavannahRiverwalk_9-19-08-2

journaling: I took an abbreviated tour of the guidebook’s Riverwalk by starting in the middle of their route, since that was where I happened to be. My first indication that I was getting near the river was the Port Society’s house with the bell. I stopped to take a brief look at the Pirate’s House- one of Savannah’s well-known restaurants for its atmosphere. Then, I ventured to Emmett Park with it’s Harbor Light and anchors and then down to the water. The 1996 Olympic Yachting Cauldron reminds people of when the Olympic flame was lit in Savannah for the games, and The Waving Girl statue of Florence Martus (1869-1943) who would welcome arriving boats and sailors standing on the riverfront waving a white cloth. The rest of the riverfront neighborhood is filled with shops selling souvenirs, clothing, art, candy and lots of bars offering a party. The city water taxis offer free rides to the conference center across the river and to various stops along the river. Occasionally a big commercial boat will move silently by reminding everyone that a busy port is just up the river.
Along the Beach, Along the Beach Addon (blog freebie), Secrets of the Past (grass), Mixed Stitches 2 by Manuella Zimmerman at; Curlies Alpha by Birgit Kerr at; Template 64 by Yin Designs; brick from my photos
fonts: TXT Longhand, CK Journaling Condensed


journaling: The Lady and Sons was one of the restaurants that I really wanted to eat at during this trip. The lines that formed every day at the door starting at lunch time were a bit intimidating, so we put off going until our last day. We stopped by the restaurant at noon and with a wait of over an hour for a table, we opted instead for a reservation for the first sitting at dinner. We were seated on the third floor and asked right away for the Southern Buffet. Everything was delicious, and a wonderful change from all of the seafood we had eaten the rest of the trip. We rolled out the door later so full we couldn’t eat another bite.
credits: from
Clippity Snippets by Lorie Davison, Everything But the Kitchen Sink-Encore by Maya, Itty Bitty Paper Circles by Birgit Kerr, Vintage Antiquities: Rustic Elements (chicken wire) and Vintage Antiquities: Shabby Elements (lace and doilie) by Jen Ulasiewicz, Worn overlays by Manuella Zimmerman; photo frames from Template 19 by Yin Designs; smaller photos and menu from the Lady and Sons website,
fonts: Typewriter

and a little trip back in time to my own first grade days with Pixel Works’ new School Girl kit.


journaling: I attended a small private school located on 21st street, where I had also gone to kindergarten. I remember the first grade classroom being located on the second floor with windows that looked out over the playground area. My mom says I didn’t like school there much this at desks and being told to be quiet. I was more curious than most of the kids and the teaching style didn’t suit me very well. I went to a house across the street after school for daycare until my parents got off work. I remember playing in the backyard with the other kids and looking forward to when the honeysuckle bushes on the back fence would be in bloom. I learned to tie my shoes sitting on the back stairs.
credits: School Girl and School Girl Addon (dot alpha) by Pixel Works at; wordart by Ali Edwards
fonts: TXT Romanesque, CK Becky


journaling: You made it to first grade, Brenna! It’s been a couple of weeks now, and I think you are doing pretty well. The first week was a bit rough as you weren’t used to the new schedule and with the added stress of the dance auditions there were some difficult evenings. You seem to have settled in just fine now though. You are learning and making new friends, and already Mrs. Price is telling me how sweet and helpful you are. I think it will be an exciting year for you, and I can’t wait to see all that you will learn in the months to come!
Hello School and Hello School Wordart and Stamps by Baers Garten at scrapbookgraphics; Date It: Chrome by Arisu at scrapbookgraphics; PMP Challenge Template 14 at PeppermintCreative
fonts: Natural Script, Ticket Capitals Impressed


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