Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Let’s Dance!

I never posted the results of the dance auditions at the end of July, so here they are:

Beth and Carissa made it into Youth Tap, which is the tap group a level up from the one they were in last year. They also started working on a duet tap dance together with their tap teacher over the summer. They are dancing to “True Friends'” by Hannah Montana. It’s one of Carissa’s current favorite songs, and I think it says a lot about the type of relationship that they have with each other at the moment (and how I hope it stays this way for them throughout life too).

journaling: Beth and Carissa chose the song “True Friend” by Hannah Montana for their tap duet this year. They started working on it over the summer with Ms. Cindy. This is one of Carissa’s favorite songs and I think it really suits the nature of their relationship as sisters and twins. Things aren’t always lovey and rosy, but in the end they rely on each other and will always be the best of friends. I hope so anyway!
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The two photos below are of Beth and Carissa in their Jazz5 class last Friday evening. At the end of class they started learning the choreography to “Hoedown Showdown” from Hannah Montana: The Movie. What’s sad is that I figured out what song the choreography was to without hearing it- just seeing what they were doing through the window. LOL

2009_0911_B&C-dancejazz5-1 2009_0911_B&C-dancejazz5-8


And Brenna made it into the Guys and Dolls group she was in the prep class for this summer. She also started taking a full ballet class this summer, and at the end of the summer session was invited to try out for the Petite Ballet group too. So, Brenna is in two performance groups this year. I was a bit worried about whether she could handle both, but after some initial adjusting to the full school day during August she seems to be doing alright. We are only in the second week of fall dance classes (they started Sept 8), so I’m sure there will be days that are better than others. I think she can do it.

Watching the ‘big girls’ in Jazz1 through the window last week before the Dolls class started.2009_0908_Dance-3
and a few of Brenna in her ballet outfit. I have some nifty hair gadgets this year that really help make nice looking buns- even with Brenna’s very thin hair.
2009_0914_Brenna-ballet-6 2009_0914_Brenna-ballet-1 2009_0914_Brenna-ballet-4 {ugh! the lighting in the dance place is truly awful!!- these are my corrected photos, and they still don’t look right :P B&W conversion is probably going to be my saving grace for most of these.}

Sarah is taking a full hour combo class this fall on Thursday mornings too and loving it. Here are some pictures of Sarah in her class last week. The last two in B&W were taken through the one-way mirror in the wall. I’m surprised I was able to even get that good of a quality photo from them. I’m going to have to keep playing with them to see if I can get a bit more of the graininess out.
 2009_0910_Sarah-dance-1 2009_0910_Sarah-dance-22009_0910_Sarah-dance-5_filtered 2009_0910_Sarah-dance-4_filtered
So, between all of the things that the four girls are involved in at TDC, I’m sitting in the halls 5-6 days a week for at least an hour. They love it, so it is worth it. Good thing this laptop is portable!

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Blogger Kim Jensen said...

Love the layout... such a nice way to tie in a "current event" in their lives with their relationship. :) Love all the dance pictures. Your girls are all looking so grown up!

I may have to ping you on the hair gadgets. Kaylee loves to play with wearing her hair up, but she's still a bit hair impaired. LOL

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