Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Art Journal Caravan 2011

So, I joined Tangie Baxter’s AJC for 2011. I kind of fell off the wagon toward the end of last year, at least as far as doing the directed prompts each week. But, I still got inspiration and found myself thinking about recording different things about myself, and that is what I thought as important to get out of the experience.  I still haven’t done much quantity-wise this year, but I have done a few things. I’ve got a big project for February “in the works”, doing a little bit at a time. Maybe I’ll have it done by the end of the month, but maybe not ;)

My one word this year is 'explore', as I want to enjoy the time I take to learn new things like sewing dance costumes that I have to do for my daughters' dance company and hopefully find the time to just try some new things as well as return to some older craft pastimes.

credits: by Tangie Baxter at scrapbookgraphics.com: Journey '11, AJC '11 Parcel 01, AJC'11 Parcel 02; Desk Mess (hole punches) by Holliewood Studios at DeviantScrap.com
font: Impact

I had the urge to scrap this visual of what I feel like my life is like these days, in part because today was a milestone birthday for me (40)- different pieces held together, sometimes messily, but hopefully creating a larger picture that over time will come together as a beautiful whole.Melinda_KeepItTogether_1-27
journaling: I feel like a juggler most days now that the kids are older and involved in so many activities. I wake up making lists in my head of everything that needs to happen on a given day and what time it has to be accomplished by. It’s a challenge for sure, but one I’m glad to be able to take on- being there for my children, cheering them on & helping them grow on their path to independence.
credits: at scrapbookgraphics.com: by Dawn Inskip- Sew Special, Above & Beyond Layered Template 13, Stick People, More Stick People, Skinny Minnie Alpha,and Everyday Titles, by Berna Datema- Logbook Papers Vol. 2
font: CK Becky, LD Letterpress

Melinda_40thbirthday2011 journaling: It’s the big 4-0 milestone this year for me. Where did the years go? It hardly seems possible that I’m now one of the adults in the midst of middle-age. Some things tell me that I’m not as young as I used to be- my knees give me warning that a storm is coming our way when they start aching, I’ve usually got a bruise or two from stumbling over something, I find myself peering over my glasses when working on small projects, and it just seems to take longer to get over small illnesses, among other things. Overall though, things are good. I’m thankful for a wonderful family, good health overall, and the energy to keep up with everything that the kids are doing as they get older. I wish there was a bit more time for ‘me’ occasionally, but I’m so glad that I have the time and ability to be there for others. This birthday only marks the beginning of the second part of my life, and I’m determined that it will be better than the first! ~Melinda January 27, 2011
credits: Queen For a Day and Big Stampy Alpha by Pixel Works at The-LilyPad, tape from Random Moments by Kim Jensen at scrapdish.com
font: CK Becky

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Love all of these, Melinda! Wonderfully journaled, and so creatively and beautifully presented!

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