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October Wrap-Up

Yeah, yeah, I know I’m way behind. I can’t keep up with everything these days. All of the hours at the dance place really cut into my computer time. So, here’s a quick run-down of what all happened in October.

Sarah turned 5. My cake lover got 2 cakes- a smaller store-bought one to eat on her actual day, and then another bigger cake in the theme for her party which happened the next day. She had a garden party with ladybugs and fairies for her theme this year.


The maple tree in the front yard turned its beautiful, fiery red. We had two cases of strep run through the house in the twins 2.5 weeks apart, probably picked up at dance on separate occasions. 


Costume week, the week leading up to Halloween, at dance is always lots of fun. I took pictures of as many of the classes as I could- even ones my kids weren’t in because it is just fun to see everyone in costume :) 

2010_1026_TDC-costumeweek-3-w 2010_1026_TDC-costumeweek-10-w 2010_1026_TDC-costumeweek-5-w 2010_1027_TDC-costumeweek-2-w 

Brenna showing her ‘monster face’ in jazz class- they learned a small dance to part of the song ‘This is Halloween’ from Nightmare Before Christmas during this class.
Brenna and her jazz teacher, Ms. Emily.2010_1029_TDC-costumeweek-8-w
Ms. Rozanne donned her usual black witch costume for her ballet classes. 2010_1030_TDC-costumeweek-7-w
Even Ms. Cindy got into the spirit this year and dressed up for classes- she was an OSU cheerleader for tap class on Saturday morning.2010_1030_TDC-costumeweek-8-w

Brenna and her best buds at the 2nd grade Halloween party.2010_1029_Brenna-2ndgradeHalloweenParty-11-w
and here they are ready to go out trick-or-treating Sunday evening. Sarah was insistent on wearing the string wig that came with the Dora costume even though it was a little too small and incredibly difficult to keep on. I tried to convince her that her hair matched Dora’s without the wig, but she wasn’t buying it LOL Brenna loved the sparkly Minnie Mouse costume I found this summer at the Libert’s garage sale, and then she loved it even more when I found the red sparkly shoes to go with it. Beth and Carissa purchased their own costumes with birthday money this year, and Bryce was a ninja.2010_1031_Halloween-14-w
Our pumpkins for the year. These first 2 are the ones that Beth and I carved with Brenna and Sarah’s help, and the second 2 are ones that Beth and Carissa carved at a church youthgroup meeting.2010_1031_Halloween-46-w2010_1027_Halloween-B&C-pumpkins-6-w 

Halloween2010  journaling: We had lots of Halloween fun this year- pom pom bats, owls and pumpkins crafting, carving real pumpkins, dressing up all week at dance classes, and of course trick-or--treating Halloween night in the neighborhood. Kaylie P, Courtney H and Kaylee H rounded out the trick-or-treat crew from our block.
Everyday 365 Kits Collection (October, solids and flair) by Baers Garten at scrapbookgraphics; Collection 32 by Jen Caputo; fonts: Arial

and my roundup of the rest of the pages I scrapped during the month.Brenna_HappyApple_9-1-06
Brenna enjoying a fresh apple right off of the tree at a local apple farm in 2006.
credits: by Pixel Works at
Autumn Fresh Papers and Autumn Fresh Elements, Kitschy Stitchy Fall Doodles (grass); by Pixel Works, retired: Melt My Heart (stitched border), Wild Hearts (single stitch), My Beloved with Rachel Young (tag with string); brush strokes by Michelle Coleman, I Can See Clearly by Misty Cato; fonts: SP Wonderful Wendy

A rare family picture with everone in it!
credits: at by Pixel Works:
Autumn Fresh Papers and Autumn Fresh Elements, by Amy Martin: Hodgity Podgity; fonts: SP Wonderful Wendy
journaling: It was the first year that Elizabeth and Carissa had plans for Halloween that didn’t include family. Their friend Brooke had a Halloween party and then took them trick-or-treating. They had lots of fun, but Mama missed having them with us during the holiday evening.
credits: by Pixel Works at Eerie-Sistable
Papers and Elements, Irrevocably in Love Alpha; fonts: Spring

Journaling: Halloween week at The Dance Center is one of the kids favorites because they are allowed, even encouraged, to wear their costumes to class all week. Even the big girls and teachers dress up. Brenna had more fun picking out a different costume for each of her classes. She had to make up a ballet class, so she went to Ms. Rosanne's pre-ballet the day before Halloween and wore a princess costume. Ms. Rosanne dressed up as a black witch with a lovely large hat, twig broomstick parked outside the door and a sign proclaiming that "the Witch is in".
credits: at scrapbookgraphics:
Mansion Masquerade {Quadruple Collab}, Clusters and Splatters, and Mixed Media Add-on by Tangie Baxter, DeCrow Designs, Sahlin Designs and Brit-tish Designs; PreFABs25-28 by The Lab; fonts: TXT Altius
Brenna loves ballet and tells me she wants to do en pointe someday. She has many years of hard work ahead of her, but I know she can do it!
The Poet's Keepsake by Lorie Davison at; portrait by Jen Ulsawiecz Photography; fonts: Pushkin

GoldenSmile_9-26-09 credits: at Smile.Laugh.Play and Smile.Laugh.Play Extra Papers by Flergs, by Wendyzine: Shadows and Borders 2 Brown and Warp It
fonts: SP Wonderful Wendy

credits: by Pixel Works at The-LilyPad: {Her} Story Papers, Vintage Papers and Frames, Vintage Ransom Alpha, Love Blooms Here (red button), Irrevocably in Love (rose), Bits and Baubles (blue rose), My Beloved with Rachel Young (green button); Cinnamon Toasted (leaf) by Amy Wolffe at The-LilyPad; Template Pack 2 by Lili (blog freebie)

And I scrapped quite a few pages about myself as well. I do love that since I have gone digital with my scrapping that I have time to record my own memories. When I was paper scrapping, I spent a large part of my time making scrapbooks for the various grandparents for Christmas.While I loved making the albums for them it really limited the amount of time I had to get other projects done. With digital scrapping I can make a page once and just have 3 or 4 copies made of it when I have the printing done- love that!Melinda_10thBirthday1981
The one picture I have of my 10th birthday celebration.
Squared PreFABs by Dutchie at The Lab at scrapbookgraphics; by Christina Renee: It's Your Birthday, url=]Patched With Love[/url], Ultimate Art Collection (paper), Shabby Stitchin

journaling: I’m the first to admit that my memory is just a bit too full these days with 5 childrens’ schedules to keep track of. If I don’t write things down, then they are quickly lost to the sands of time. That is why I scrapbook- to record the bits and pieces of our daily lives that would otherwise be forgotten. I’m not much for diary keeping, but I love combining photos, art and words to express myself and my feelings. It’s one way I show how much those around me, mean to me.
Journalique Kit by Dianne Rigdon at 2PeasInABucket
fonts: SP Wonderful Wendy
journaling: One of my favorite genres of books to read is murder mysteries. I’m very fond of vampire and werewolf stories too. Reading about blood and guts, killings and other gruesome things doesn’t bother me most of the time. Don’t ask me to watch a horror movie though, because I won’t do it. I avoid movie channels and the theater during the month of October because of the prevalence of scary movies where evil people or creatures are out to get everyone. They give me nightmares, and that is something I can do without. Maybe it is because generating the pictures to go with the words myself inside my head makes it not so scary?
credits: at scrapbookgraphics:
Impressions of Fright by The Studio Girls, by Lorie Davison: Don't Eat Worms World (stool, books), Before the First Snow (Raven, ink splatter), by Wendyzine: Creative Fusion Once Upon a Time Storybook Template
fonts: Pushkin, CK Becky

For the September 2010 Journaling challenge at The-LilyPad. I totally lifted Robin's "Just Hit Play" page when I got stumped for a few letters of the "ABC's of me" list I was originally working on.
at TLP: Kaye Winieki- Click to Scrap, Template Set 28; Kate Hadfield- Music Doodles, iRobot with Kaye Winieki; Jacque Larsen- Mismatch Type; Jenna Desai- Doodle Frames and Masks #2;
iPod Nano and headphones from Academic Overload High School Doodles by Tracey Monette at scrapbook-elements, notes overlay by Ellie Lash from Bring On the Music Collab (retired)
fonts: LD Beatnik, CK Journaling Condensed

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