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Summer Scrapping

OK, so I’ve been horrible about posting pages this summer- just not enough energy to scrap and then when I do get something done it is for a team assignment and I have to wait to post it, and then it doesn’t happen here on the blog if I remember to post it in the galleries at the right time. Here’s what I’ve managed to scrap during June and July. The summer was just much too busy, and too short!

Sarah_IWontGrowUp_6-4-10  credits:
Flergs' Creative Fusion
Once Upon a Time Fairytale Papers
Flergs' Creative Fusion Once Upon a Time Fairytale Alpha {Pink}
Flergs' Creative Fusion Once Upon a Time Fairytale Overlays
Flergs' Creative Fusion Once Upon a Time Fairytale Enchanted Frames
Tangie's Creative Fusion Once Upon a Time Knight Time
Dutchie's Creative Fusion Once Upon a Time Storyteller PreFABs
Miss Vivi's Creative Fusion Once Upon a Time Tell Me a Story Papers
Bethany's Creative Fusion Once Upon a Time Fairy Wordart Pack
fonts: CK Curly Cursive

Brenna_1stgrademusical_3-11 credits:
Iara's Creative Fusion
Once Upon a Time Goldilock and Little Bear
Flergs' Creative Fusion Once Upon a Time Fairytale Papers
Flergs' Creative Fusion Once Upon a Time Fairytale Alpha {Bronze}
Flergs' Creative Fusion Once Upon a Time Fairytale Glitters
Gypsy's Creative Fusion Once Upon a Time Storybook Alpha
Miss Vivi's Creative Fusion Once Upon a Time Tell Me a Story Papers
Redju's Creative Fusion Once Upon a Time Stitches
Tangie's Creative Fusion Once Upon a Time Chipper Chatter
Veronica Sprigg's Creative Fusion Once Upon a Time Banners
Jen Caputo's Sketch Collection 32
fonts: LD Old Glory, Arial

The small collection of toys we have found that belonged to my father when he was growing up. He carved the wooden green dragon himself for an art class one year.RichardMassey_Toys  credits: at scrapbookgraphics: Brushed PreFABs No. 2 by Dutchie, by Redju: Creative Fusion Once Upon a Time Painted Papers, Creative Fusion Once Upon a Time Dragonland, Creative Fusion Once Upon a Time Finishing Touches, Creative Fusion Once Upon a Time Stitches, Creative Fusion Once Upon a Time Free Alpha; Teeny Type by CD McCoskey at LittleDreamerDesigns
fonts: CK Becky, CK Letterpress

A couple of photos of my dad on a trip to Mexico in 1966.RichardMassey_Mexico1966  credits: at scrapbookgraphics: Mercado Salvage by Tangie Baxter and DeCrow Designs and Travel Propaganda by Tangie Baxter; Thru the View by Amy Martin at The-Lilypad ; fonts: Ticket Capitals Impressed

TDCRecital2010_B&C_SecretGa  credits: everything at scrapbookgraphics: Tuscan Garden and Tuscan Garden Quick Pages by Lorilei Murphy, Creative Fusion Once Upon a Time Fairytale Alpha {Pink} by Flergs; fonts: Zapf Chancery LT

B&C_SecretGarden-portraits- credits: everything at scrapbookgraphics: Tuscan Garden by Lorilei Murphy, Creative Fusion Once Upon a Time Fairytale Alpha {Pink} by Flergs, PreFABs 13-16 by Dutchie; fonts: TXT Delicate Script

I did this page in the middle of July for an SBG Miss Vivi playday. Those last two things on the list have been checked off now ;)

Summer2010-ToDo  credits: by Miss Vivi at scrapbookgraphics: To Do, Funky Town
fonts: Baby Boston, FO Howie's Stamp Abundant

EarsPierced_7-8-10  journaling: It was on the “to do” list for the summer break since Beth and Carissa had told me that they wanted their ears pierced for their 12th birthday. So, after tap one morning we went to the mall to get it done. Brenna and Sarah convinced me that they wanted theirs pierced too, so Brenna got a late birthday present and Sarah an early one. It was a busy day at Claire’s  for ear piercing, but even waiting almost an hour for our  turn didn't make anyone change their mind. They all love
their sparkly new earrings and are doing a good job taking care of them.and keeping them clean.
credits: Paint the Town Pink and Everyday Awesome (yellow ricrac) by Pixel Works at; Template Set 46 by Cindy Schneider at SweetShoppeDesigns
fonts: FO Weathered Inbetween, Arial

Mark&Melinda-20yrs2010  credits: everything from Urban Love by Birgit Kerr, Colour Theory: Cream by Flergs, PreFABs 13-16 by Dutchie, Lacealogy 1 and Lacealogy 2 by Ztampf!; fonts: Zapf Chancery LT

journaling: We don’t go to the movie theater very often, it is just so expensive to take the whole family to a first-run movie. There were lots of good, family-friendly movies out this summer and we made a point of going to see them as part of our summer fun. A couple were first-run, and the rest were at The Picture Show or even on DVD. We all enjoyed the good stories, great graphics, and time spent together as a family or with friends. Others we would love to see are Prince of Persia and The Sorcerer's Apprentice. We are looking forward to even more great movies in the fall too- Harry Potter Deathly Hallows, and Narnia Voyage of the Dawn Treader among others.
credits: Cinemania by Lauren Grier and Amanda Slagle at SweetShoppeDesigns and Movie Night by Kate Hadfield and Holly Griego at The-LilyPad
fonts: 2Peas Dear Diary, 2Peas Gimme Coffee


journaling: It was worth waiting a couple of weeks to see Eclipse in the movie theater so that we could enjoy it with Becky and Kari Tamblyn. The girls had Cinemark theater gift cards, so we got to enjoy snacks during the movie too!
July 14, 2010
credits: Volterra and Into The Twilight Alpha by Flergs at; Movie Night (popcorn) by Kate Hadfield and Holly Griego at The-LilyPad;
fonts: LD Edward

SplashnInTX_3-28-10  journaling: The kids favorite thing about visiting Grandmama in Texas over spring break was going swimming in the afternoons. The community pool was open to guests for two hours, and that was never enough time for them to get the splash'n out of their systems.
credits: at scrapbookgraphics: Beach Babe and Big Blue Alpha by Lorilei Murphy, Text Paths Collection 1 and Photo Grids #3 by Jen Caputo, Teeny Tags by Jessica Bolton (retired)'; fonts: Century Gothic, Fulton Artistamp

journaling: Rusty has been working to learn all of the things he needs to know to earn his AKC Good Citizenship Certification so that he can be a PAWS to Read dog at the library. Common commands like sit, stay and come must be demonstrated as well as allowing strangers to pet him, staying under control when there are distractions around him, behaving politely around other dogs, being able to be left alone for 3 minutes, and walking through crowds politely. Rusty has more things to learn, but he is getting there! Good Boy, Rusty!
credits: by Pixel Works at scrapartist: Who Let the Dog Out?
papers and elements, heart border and stitched border from Melt My Heart, Tiny Dymo Alpha; Quick and Easy template by Darcy Baldwin at sweetshoppedesigns blog;  fonts: LB Ali-Oops

journaling: The Space Odyssey area of the Denver Museum of Nature & Science is one of the kids’ favorite rooms. There are lots of hands-on activities to facilitate learning about all sorts of science. Constantly changing displays of Earth and the other heavenly bodies of our solar system, videos about actual programs that study our solar system, a sand table with flowing water to study erosion, space shuttle docking practice, robotics displays of Mars rovers, and live demonstrations that show how scientists determine what types of equipment to take on space missions... there is enough in this one room to occupy children, and adults, for hours. June 19 & July 10, 2010
credits: everything at scrapbookgraphics: To The Moon and Back Collection and Everyday 365 Calendar Flair by Baers Garten, Template Collection 36 by Jen Caputo
fonts: TXT Annesia

journaling:  We celebrated Beth & Carissa’s birthday a couple of weeks early with a backyard luau. Friends from the neighborhood, school and dance and the Rodeffers, who were visiting from Texas, attended. There was lots of food, laughter, and fun!
credits: Template 173 by Yin Designs; at scrapbookgraphics: Little Fishi Island, Rough to the Touch (bee), and A Pioneer Story (fire flame) by Lorie Davison, Paradise by Flergs, Secrets of the Past by Manuella Zimmermann (tall grass and vine), Seashore Alphaset by Ztampf, Anticipation of Summer (Flip Flops and bottle) by ON Designs (retired); A Pirate's Life (parrot) by Royanna Fritschmann; pineapple by me
fonts: CK Journaling Condensed, Artistamp Medium

B&C_LuauBirthday_7-23-10-L B&C_LuauBirthday_7-23-10-R

Part of the public library summer reading program prizes is a coupon packet from local businesses. One of our favorites that is always used is the one from Baskin Robbins. There are so many delicious flavors to choose from! It is a real summer treat, and mom likes that it is a reward for reading too ;)

credits: everything at scrapbookgraphics: By Dutchie- From the Heart Challenge 3, PreFABs Pop Ups Summer Edition, Sweety by Iara Baersgarten, Scattered Hearts by Flergs, Food Wordart 2 by Bethany Harty
fonts: CK Chocolate Sundae, CK Constitution

Patsy&Clyde_3-23-77 Patsy&Clyde_WeddingDay_3-23 credits: Friends by Birth Bundle by Veronica Spriggs at scrapbookgraphics; fonts: Zapf Chancerty LT, CK Becky

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Blogger Kim Jensen said...

All such wonderful layouts, Melinda! You always seem to find the perfect kits for every subject!

Our summer was pretty relaxed, but it went by very quickly for us as well. I can't believe the kids go back to school in two weeks!

8:28 PM  
Blogger robin said...

What great pages, Melinda! :) I love seeing all of the Staley family adventures. I really love the movie page - I need to scraplift that. And the twins' party looked like a blast, too!

10:17 AM  

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