Friday, June 18, 2010

Bryce’s 14th Birthday Party

So, I felt like a total slacker when it came to Bryce’s party this year. Again, just like Brenna’s tea party it was very late because of everything we had going on from Spring break forward. Before school got out, I had Bryce ask his friends when would be a good day for them to have the party. I had told him that we would go to one of the places in town that has arcade games and other sorts of activities, and that his friends could also stay the night, since that is one of the things he wanted. We had tentatively picked June 11, and then with the end of the school year, dance recital, and his younger sister’s party the day snuck up on me and I was still unprepared. It’s a good thing that 14 year old boys don’t require a whole lot! Just about all of the final info and confirmations were passed along by phone to the boys invited- at one point we even had a conference call going on with 2 other families LOL I picked up the 3 guests Friday afternoon and gave their parents this ‘info’ sheet with the party details that I whipped together that morning since I had been remiss in getting invitations out earlier.
credits: i Robot by Kate Hadfield and Kaye Winieki at The-LilyPad
fonts: TXT Monkeyshine

I brought the guests back to our house where they deposited their overnight gear (a change of clothes, maybe a toothbrush and a lot of videogames I would guess LOL) and my mom helped ferry everyone over to Mr. Biggs for the rest of the afternoon and early evening fun.  I sat and scrapped a page for scrapbookgraphics while Brenna and Sarah explored Little Big Town and the older kids rode the Go Karts and played laser tag, among other things. We practically had the place to ourselves the whole evening so they got to do what they wanted over and over with hardly a wait. The Go Karts were definitely a favorite with everyone. Brenna and Sarah couldn’t drive, but they could ride with any of the older kids. Here are some photos of some of the fun:
2010_0611_Bryce_14thbirthdayparty-54w   Pirate Cove was a fun place with the air guns to play with.
journaling: One of the rooms at Mr. Biggs is a pirate cove. The ship has two air guns on it that fire nerf balls at the surrounding walls, which of course are defended with their own air guns. We had the place pretty much to ourselves this Friday afternoon and it was the boys defending their island stronghold against those nasty girl pirates.
Where Are We? by Pixel Works at scrapartist; Itty Bitty Dates No. 1 by Biograffiti; Pencil Lines birthday template by Kate Hadfield (blog freebie); Stick It Dates by Darcy Baldwin at SweetShoppeDesigns;
fonts: CK Pirate Hand

2010_0611_Bryce_14thbirthdayparty-11w 2010_0611_Bryce_14thbirthdayparty-19w 2010_0611_Bryce_14thbirthdayparty-31w 2010_0611_Bryce_14thbirthdayparty-34w 2010_0611_Bryce_14thbirthdayparty-38w 2010_0611_Bryce_14thbirthdayparty-42w 2010_0611_Bryce_14thbirthdayparty-44w 2010_0611_Bryce_14thbirthdayparty-50w

Once we came home about 8:30, we had birthday cake (nothing fancy this time, just chocolate fudge with chocolate icing and sprinkles) the boys fired up the Wii and proceeded to play games well into the wee hours. I woke up at 2:45A and after checking to see if they were still awake (some of them were) told them to turn it off and get a few hours of sleep. I made a simple breakfast of waffles with fresh strawberries and orange juice and they continued to play games until parents came to collect everyone. It was a good time for everyone. Bryce has a good set of friends who I don’t mind having over, we just need to fit it in a bit more! I was remiss in getting a picture of all of them together before they left :( I hope Bryce finds some good friends like these at Vista Ridge HS next year as Justin was moving out of state this week and the other two boys will be attending Sand Creek HS.

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