Friday, June 18, 2010

Brenna’s Fancy Birthday Tea Party

A series of books that Brenna loves are the Fancy Nancy stories by Jane O’Conner. Nancy loves fancy things, and tea parties are very fancy. Brenna had wanted a tea party for her next birthday since last summer, and on June 2 we finally hosted a very fancy party for her (we had many delays due to Spring break, Easter, dance competitions, end of school concerts and plays, etc., etc.).

2010_0525_Brenna-teapartyin 2010_0525_Brenna-teaparty2 credits: everything at scrapbookgraphics: Daydreamer by Flergs, Flitting Fall Faeries Tea Party Elements, BuziBugs' Happy Birthday and Blooming Sweethearts by Lorie Davison
paper credits: scallop edger punch by Fiskars, rhinestones by Darice
fonts: CK Curly Cursive, DB Fancy Flourishes, CK Mou Saha

The party was a cross between a Pinkalicious and Fancy Nancy party- so lots of pink, flowers, ribbons, and a touch of Paris thrown in since everyone knows that things are fancier when you say them in French (according to Fancy Nancy anyway ;) ) 2010_0602_Brenna-birthdayteaparty-1w  2010_0602_Brenna-birthdayteaparty-3w  2010_0602_Brenna-birthdayteaparty-4w2010_0602_Brenna-birthdayteaparty-30w

The menu consisted of:
*Strawberry cupcakes with fondant flowers
*Pink raspberry lemonade with real raspberries
*Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
*Yogurt and Berry Parfaits
*Strawberry Swirls
*Nancy’s Nibblers (raisin bread with strawberry cream cheese and raspberries on top, cut into triangles)
*Tea party chocolates, made sparkly with pink lustre dust (I had the chocolate molds from Beth and Carissa’s birthday tea party in 2006)
*Party mints

It was a beautiful sunny day, so the girls got to eat and play outside in the backyard.

I remembered I had a castle play tent stored in the garage that I set up in the backyard for the party. They all loved playing in it, even the big girls ;) I actually got it many years ago for the twins and for various reasons never gave it to them. It was perfect for the party.

For crafts, we made some fancy flip-flops by tying Organdy ribbon strips on the sandal straps and made tissue-paper flowers with tissue-paper squares and pipe cleaners. The girls lasted longer at the crafts than I expected. Beth, Carissa, and a mom or two helped me fluff out the guests flip-flops a bit with more ribbon while the girls played in the backyard before they left.

At the end of the day, I moved the castle tent up to Brenna and Sarah’s bedroom for a sleepover inside the house. It was a good day, I think.

And a big thank you to my good helpers, Beth and Carissa. They helped with making various food items, cutting craft parts, and generally keeping the girls entertained and things running smoothly during the party. It was much easier to accomplish everything with them around!

credits: at scrapbookgraphics:
Daydreamer by Flergs, Flitting Fall Faeries Tea Party Elements, BuziBugs' Happy Birthday and Blooming Sweethearts, and Blooming Sweethearts Addon by Lorie Davison; Template 155 by Yin Designs
fonts: CK Invitation and CK Chocolate Sundae by Lorie Davison


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