Saturday, May 22, 2010

AJC Weeks 17 and 21

Week 17’s topic was to listen to your heart and scrap about what you heard. Some things have been making me sad and out of sorts and so this is what came out.

credits: at scrapbookgraphics: Tangie Baxter- Collage Fodder Silhouettes, Gypsy- In a Daze Papers & Handiworks Papers, Maya- Painterly Papers Art Journal Backgrounds, Mask It by Wendyzine, Heavenly by Ztampf! (dewdrops, rainbow, clouds); Panos Fx Rainy Day action

Week 21’s topic was to explore your Inner Rebel.

journaling: She lurks in the background, hidden beneath the surface- my inner rebel. She doesn’t show her face very often, but sometimes she gets tired of being quiet and some sharp retort or mean action will pop out when I don’t expect it. I’m usually sorry for her actions and wish I had been able to keep better control. If she does find a way out into the open, then that is usually a sign to me that there is some hidden issue that needs to be dealt with before she gets out of control again.
credits: at scrapbookgraphics: Tangie Baxter: Impossible Things, Esperia with Rebecca McMeen, Splatter Graffiti Rebel, Week 21 Bonus Collage Fodder; Jen Caputo: bracket shape from Sketch Collection 26;  font: TXT Tough Love

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Blogger Kim Jensen said...

Beautifully done layouts, Melinda. So sorry to hear you've been down. I hope things start looking up soon! ((((hugs))))

8:22 AM  

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