Sunday, March 21, 2010

DEA Results – Part 2, Brenna


Brenna’s two dances were after both of Beth & Carissa’s were done. That made for one very long day for her with lots of waiting and she came close to a meltdown at one point, but she pulled it together and kept from going into overload mode. I went up to the balcony to take pictures of the large group dances which were all at the end of the second half of the day. There weren’t many people up there, so I could sit or move around pretty much wherever I wanted, there were no heads in the way, and I could clear shots of the whole stage. You can actually see the formations of the groups in their entirety from this viewpoint, and it was wonderful to have that perspective for these dances.

The Dolls’ tap dance was the first one on the schedule. They danced to “Shake Your Body Down to the Ground” by The Jacksons. The song is very disco, and they had the cutest (and brightest!) little disco style outfits with tall go-go boot covers and lots of flashy sequins. This was the dance that they hadn’t worked on quite as much, but they did it very well and their formations looked great! They earned a gold medal for the dance, and received a special judges award for ‘audience appreciation’ as everyone had to ‘awwww’ when they walked on stage and they got a huge roar of approval when they finished. 
2010_0320_DEA-648-w 2010_0320_DEA-650-w 2010_0320_DEA-652-w 2010_0320_DEA-658-w 2010_0320_DEA-666-w 2010_0320_DEA-673-w 2010_0320_DEA-682-w 2010_0320_DEA-683-w 2010_0320_DEA-687-w 2010_0320_DEA-688-w

They did the ‘Mini Hippies’ dance second, with 20 minutes in between to change costumes and hair. That is just enough time to get back downstairs, change everything as quickly as possible and then head right back up to the wings of the stage. They did great with this dance too, earning a second gold medal! They got another special judges’ award for their costumes- great job moms!!
2010_0320_DEA-733-w 2010_0320_DEA-734-w 2010_0320_DEA-736-w 2010_0320_DEA-739-w 2010_0320_DEA-746-w 2010_0320_DEA-748-w 2010_0320_DEA-752-w 2010_0320_DEA-758-w 2010_0320_DEA-764-w 2010_0320_DEA-770-w 2010_0320_DEA-772-w 2010_0320_DEA-773-w 2010_0320_DEA-776-w 2010_0320_DEA-781-w 2010_0320_DEA-782-w

The Dolls won both 1st (Mini Hippies) and 2nd (Shake Your Body) overall scores for the small-fry line category, which was to be expected since they were the only group competing in that age and size level. They did an awesome job any way you look at it and they certainly all rose to the occasion to do their very best!

I’ve posted the photo I liked best from each of the dances that I was able to see in a photo album at facebook. The older dancers all looked gorgeous and danced wonderfully too.  You can check those out HERE, if you are interested.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

So fun and CUTE! Looks like your days are very full with these little dancers of yours :)! ~ Jess

6:15 PM  
Blogger Kim Jensen said...

I can't get over how grown your girls are all looking! So glad the competition went well! Congrats!

5:44 PM  
Blogger CathyRose said...

Oh how cute!! The costumes are just darling!

9:25 AM  

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