Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Sarah on pancakes, and witches

Sarah loves pancakes. She asks for them for lunch nearly every day lately. She asked for them yesterday and I told her I didn’t want to make pancakes. The next thing she tells me is that we should go to IHOP for lunch. LOL There is an IHOP that we drive by on our way to/from TDC every day, and I have been known to occasionally stop there after dance class on Thursday mornings, but since we did that last week I wasn’t inclined to go again so soon. I found a bunch of ripe bananas at the grocery store yesterday when I went to get milk, so today we made banana pancakes for lunch here at home. As I was mashing the bananas to add to the batter, this conversation happened:

Sarah: I love pancakes. Witches don’t like pancakes.
Me: If witches don’t like pancakes, what do they eat?
Sarah: I don’t know. They live in candy houses… they like candy.

LOL I know a certain little 4 year old girl who likes candy too ;)

while we were eating our banana pancakes at the table a bit later she blurts out- castles have dungeons, right? LOL I’m not sure where that thought came from either…..



Blogger Kim Jensen said...

LOL So cute!

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