Sunday, February 28, 2010

Art Journal – Week 9

The inspiration for this week was the collage style art of Sara Hearn, and our topic was ‘the power of imagery.’ Pick an image that you find inspiring and tell about it.

Journaling: History has always fascinated me whether it be in books, taking care of family heirlooms, or exploring some local or distant site in person. What was it really like to live in that time? would I have liked to live back then without all of today’s modern conveniences? I suppose scrapbooking is my little way of preserving my bit of history for the future generations of family yet to come.
Photo taken at the Rourke Ranch in Picketwire Canyon, Comanche National Grasslands, Colorado. The Ranch was established in 1871 and was a working ranch until the early 1980s. What started out as a 40 acre holding grew to over 50,000 acres under the care of three generations of the Rourke family.
credits: everything available at scrapbookgraphics:
by Tangie Baxter: Impossible Things (green star paper), Junque Journal, Splatter Grafitti- Junque Journal, Steamer Trunk (collage sheet), Studio Remnants Yellow Ochre (round clip, recolored)
by Maya: book paper from Book Nooks 1, Painterly Papers- Art Journal Backgrounds
Miss Vivi: Project 52 Dates
font: Jayne Print, Ticket Capitals Impressed

Last week was one of those weeks that you are grateful is over. Cramps of several kinds, not sleeping well, Beth not being able to dance because she hurt her foot somehow, the oven heating element burning out, etc. just left me in a cranky mood most of the time. I have always loved the book "My Many Colored Days" by Dr. Seuss, where each of the colors is associated with a mood that kids have to learn to deal with. This week was definitely a black week for me.

credits: Impossible Things by Tangie Baxter at scrapbookgraphics
fonts: TXT Abrasive, Horse Puke, Jayne Print

Weeks 7 and 8 aren’t done yet as I was really busy with costume alterations and sewing for the Dance Quest production. Performances are next weekend, so we are in the very busy homestretch for that now. DEA is only 3 weeks away too.



Blogger Kim Jensen said...

These are very cool, Melinda! I especially like the Black Days one. I'm not familiar with that book. I'll have to try to remember to hunt it up next time I hit the library.

I hope the coming week is a better one for you!

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