Tuesday, February 09, 2010

This weekend’s LOs

A little bit of this and that this weekend on scrapping themes, I just worked on whatever I needed to get to.

journaling: It’s not uncommon for Sarah to give me big cheesey smiles, being deliberately silly, a time or two before she gives me a pretty one. That’s OK, as I love them all! 2009
credits: at scrapbookgraphics: Squeak with Love and Cheese Alpha by Irene Alexeeva (coming soon!),
Sketch Collection 32 by Jen Caputo; fonts: CK Elsie

Bryce has a big project going on in language arts class right now, and since our school has an IB curriculum it involves doing community service. One of the ladies in our church is working on making quilts to send to the mission in Haiti that we help support, so I hooked Bryce up with her for an afternoon of helping work on quilts. This was totally new to him, but he had a good time and learned a few new sewing skills. Now we just have to get the actual written part of the project all done.

journaling: It was an assignment for Language Arts based on the book they were reading “The Pigman” by Paul Zindel- spend 3 hours helping a senior citizen. Joyce Stubbe was looking for help with making quilts to send to Haiti, so Bryce went to help her after school one day. He learned new skills in sewing- cutting, ironing and pinning and had a good time with the Stubbes while doing it.
credits: Port Au Prince at Songbird Avenue; Learning to Sew by Pamela Donnnis at TheDigiChick; alpha from Vintage Quilt by Dani Mogstad; Template 16 by Dunia;
fonts: Ticket Capitals Impressed, Jayne Print

Since Brenna did her penguin project a couple of weeks ago, I was in a penguin scrapping mood and so I pulled out the pictures of the penguins at the St. Louis zoo from our 2008 summer vacation.

StLouisZoo-Penguins journaling: We made a quick trip to the zoo before meeting Dale just to see the penguin exhibit. It is a beautiful exhibit that is open and lets you see the birds up very close with no glass between you to get in the way. We nicknamed this guy "Mr. Splashy” as he liked to sneak up on people and splash them with the cold, fishy smelling water- it must be funny to penguins!
credits: at scrapbookgraphics: Frosted Arctic by Tangie Baxter, Torn & Curled Paper Edges #2 by Jen Caputo; Template 166 by Yin Designs, Glitter Mess 3 by Micheline Martin, Water splash from Sea Oh Sea by Jofia; Ice Ice Baby Alphas- Cool by Amy Wolffe at The-LilyPad; Paint the Town Acryl-oholic alpha by Traci Reed at SweetShoppeDesigns; fonts: Juice ITC, Arial

StLouisZoo-Penguins-1 StLouisZoo-Penguins-2

Beth, Carissa and Brenna are participating in an original ballet production at our dance studio that was written by the studio owner. I was asked to help with decorating the ticket booth and I put this LO together this weekend while trying to put my ideas for the ticket booth down 'on paper.' Now, I just have to figure out how to translate the whole thing into something I can create with bulletin board and mat papers and fairy printouts LOL!
everything available at scrapbookgraphics
Alana McCarthy: Medieval, Fairy Friends- Singles, Fairy Friends 2
Lorie Davison: Flitting Fall Faeries, Bouncing Brownies & Bunnies (Katchka), Faerily Moonlit, The Big Balloon (weather vane, flowers), Hoppin' Frog Jamboree (Moon)
Jen U: Vintage Anquities Gold Elements (queen crown),
Tangie Baxter: Wizard School (wizard), Wonderland (web)
Glam Fairy: Meunier (houses, fence, hills)

A little look into the past with this one, as I had a beautiful new valentine kit to work with from Saxon. I pulled up photos of Megan and I together over the years and chose ones about a decade apart. Sometimes the photos during the 80s make me want to throw them in a box and forget they existed- what in the world were the fashion people thinking? :P LOL

credits: Vintage Valentine by Saxon Holt at scrapbook-elements;
fonts: TXT Sloppy Script

and I contributed these little printable goodies to the SBG Collective shop, if you need a quick and easy valentine treat box this year. Just print, cut and stick and you are done! (All proceeds go to help pay our illustrious Crew leader, Becky, a bit more for the wonderful job she does!)

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