Monday, March 08, 2010

Dance Quest 2010

It was a busy and wonderful weekend as the performances of the Dance Quest ballet production- “Catch the Wind and Dance” had finally arrived.

Everyone has been working towards this for several months and it was a beautiful culmination of our efforts. I don’t think I ever showed off the ticket booth that I put together using quite a few fairies  and bits from the store at SBG- mainly the wonderful illustrations of Alana McCarthy and Lorie Davison, and a few pieces from Tangie Baxter and Glam Fairy too.
2010_0215_DanceQuest-ticketbooth-2 Full credits can be seen in this previous post.

I helped with sewing costumes, selling tickets, working backstage during rehearsals and the Saturday evening performance, as well as being the unofficial photographer (taking pictures is what kept me from having to be on stage with the other adult ladies LOL!). I took pictures at a lot of the rehearsals, as well as during the last dress rehearsal and the Sunday afternoon performance. Here are just a handful of my favorites. I’ll devote seperate posts to specific pictures of my girls as otherwise this post will get to be a mile long. You can see more photos over in this album at facebook, if you are so inclined.
2010_0307_DanceQuest-17-c  2010_0307_DanceQuest-27-c2010_0305_DanceQuest-17-corr2010_0307_DanceQuest-42-c 2010_0307_DanceQuest-44-c 2010_0305_DanceQuest-52-corr2010_0307_DanceQuest-91-c 2010_0307_DanceQuest-127-c 2010_0305_DanceQuest-202-corr 2010_0307_DanceQuest-226-c 2010_0305_DanceQuest-294-corr2010_0307_DanceQuest-272-c 2010_0307_DanceQuest-286-c2010_0305_DanceQuest-391-corr  2010_0307_DanceQuest-374-c2010_0307_DanceQuest-388-c 2010_0307_DanceQuest-451-c      
I have to say that it is much easier to take photos during dress rehearsal- no audience heads to try and shoot around! I felt sorry for the people behind me as I was constantly moving around trying to get pictures. The kids were passing around several illnesses at the studio over the last couple of weeks, so inevitably there was one or two people missing at each rehearsal or I might have skipped trying to take pictures during the show all together. Everyone was healthy enough this weekend to dance thankfully!

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