Monday, March 08, 2010

Dance Quest – Fairies of the Web

Brenna, as a member of Petite Ballet, was the big reason that we were involved with Dance Quest for the first time this year; we have attended the shows every year since the twins started dance, but this is the first time that we have danced in it. Since I was paying for/participating in the event already as a member of a ballet company, I told Beth and Carissa that they could try out for the extras this year as well.

Petite Ballet played the role of the Fairies of the Web- the little sprites who are instructed by the Fairy of the Night to spin magical web and give it to Katchka to help her separate the grains in time to save her life. Nearly all of the costumes in the Dance Quest productions are made by Cathie Phillips, a mom whose daughter danced at TDC many years ago and who now dances professionally up in Denver. Even though her daughter no longer dances at our studio, she has continued to be involved in the Dance Quest productions, donating her time and talents to making costumes for the shows so that the kids can sparkle on stage. She made every costume herself that the ensemble kids wore this year. She found a pretty black tulle to make the tutus from that had a rainbow web pattern printed on it, and she made a web design from black sequin strands on the trunk of the leotard. Light up wands and bun covers in the same tulle completed the outfit. Very cute and perfect for their role in the ballet!
2010_0305_DanceQuest-7-corr (heehee- Brenna told me after I took this photo of her backstage one night that she was pretending to hold a web up, so I had to give her one :) )

We first meet the Fairies of the Web when the Fairy of the Night calls them on stage. Brenna, being the smallest of the group is the last dancer to appear on stage left so she isn’t in the first picture below as she hasn’t come out yet.2010_0307_DanceQuest-88-c2010_0307_DanceQuest-91-c 

The next time we see them, they are getting instructions to spin the web and give it to Katchka to help her complete the task the Queen of the Forest has given her. 2010_0307_DanceQuest-137-c

Then, they do their dance spinning the web and putting it in her pocket while she sleeps before the leap across the stage one last time and then disappear  back into the magical forest. The photos on the layout below are from their dance. I had to ask Ms. Kathryn the other night what the music they danced to was from as I really loved it's lovely oboe lines that weave in and out, and it turns out is was from "A Midsummer Night's Dream"... which, coincidentally is the name of the main kit that I ended up using on the LO ;)  DQ-Brenna_FairiesWeb_3-7-10 CREDITS: Studio mgl’s A Midsummer Night’s DreamLumoz Overlays by Ztampf!; Clusters 1 by Lisa Hankins (Studio Gypsy); large web from Fright Night by Flergs and Kaye Winieki; small web from Wonderland Bundle by Tangie Baxter; Sweetheart Script (font)

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You did a wonderful job with all the photos, Melinda! Looks like a beautiful production!!

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