Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dance Quest – Eveland Village

Beth and Carissa as part of the ‘extras’ (meaning they aren’t a member of one of the ballet companies at TDC) for the production were in the third act. Katchka has traveled to Eveland Village and finds herself in the middle of a town celebration. Everyone is out having a grand time visiting and dancing, and Katchka sees someone who looks like her mother. It turns out to be her aunt, her mother’s twin sister, and she has found family once again.

I had hoped to get these pictures scrapped before posting them here, but as it hasn’t happened yet and I don’t know when it will I just decided to go ahead and post them so you can see Beth and Carissa in ‘action’ too. Maybe I’ll get these scrapped during spring break? maybe?

2010_0305_DanceQuest-446-corr2010_0307_DanceQuest-352-c  2010_0307_DanceQuest-362-c  2010_0307_DanceQuest-374-c2010_0307_DanceQuest-388-c2010_0305_DanceQuest-507-corr     2010_0305_DanceQuest-503-corr2010_0307_DanceQuest-406-c2010_0305_DanceQuest-492-corr2010_0307_DanceQuest-451-c

and here is how I quickly scrapped the cast photo. I did this one at 8x10 so that I could print it and give it to Kathryn to frame and hang on the wall.
DQ-groupphoto credits: at scrapbookgraphics: Casual Attraction by Flergs and MGL Scraps, fairy trail from Flitting Fall Faeiries by Lorie Davison; WOW Chrome Style; text taken from Dance Quest flyer design by Ruth Schubarth

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Fantastic shots, Melinda! Looks like a wonderful production!

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