Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring break has officially started

… a day early, and in typical Colorado style we got the extra day off because of snow. I got the kids ready to go to school.... lunches packed, all of the papers they needed signed, coats and boots on, and we were ready to walk out the door. Then, Bryce turned on the TV and announced that school was cancelled because of the snow. :P It was just starting to snow when I got up, so I didn't bother to check. I spent Thursday doing all of my running around town getting last minute things, taking all of the library stuff back, taking kids to appointments, etc. and today was spent at home getting everything packed and ready to go in the morning.


Yep, that is the big Dream Duffel I bought a couple of months ago to haul all of the costumes to competition and recital in June. I think Brenna and Sarah could both fit inside it.

I had a bunch of pictures from the dress rehearsals last week to show off, but I’m not finding them where I expected so I guess you will all have to wait to see the kids decked out in their finery. ;) And I’m off to bed. Hopefully I’ll have competition photos to show off Sunday evening.



Blogger jessica said...

Hope you and your family have a wonderful Spring Break, Melinda! Good luck with the dance competition. I have my fingers crossed for your girls. xoxoxo

7:25 AM  
Blogger Kim Jensen said...

LOL about starting spring break with a snow day. The temp dropped big time here today too. It was in the 70's yesterday, but only got into the 30's today! Crazy!

That duffel looks cool. I used to haul around ones that big (without the bar) when I worked on the road. I almost never did laundry while I was traveling, so I had 3-4 weeks' worth of clothes with me. :-b

Hope all goes well with the competition!!

6:52 PM  

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