Friday, June 18, 2010

It (sort of) feels like summer

*it’s hot (not really- it’s only been hot summer temps for about a week so far. The rest of the time it has been warm, windy and rainy). It is nice and warm today with temps in the upper 80s, and it is supposed to stay this way through the weekend, I believe.
*school is out (yeah!)
*I get to sleep late (most days) , though the number of days is reduced now that summer dance has started- Beth & Carissa have 2 morning tap classes.
*I hear “I’m bored” and “there’s nothing to do” come from my childrens’ lips. Unfortunately that was just last week and even a bit earlier this afternoon, from Brenna. Summer has barely even started, girl! She was counting down the days until the summer dance classes started. She was especially excited about getting to go to her first Acro class Monday night. Today is a day we don’t have dance classes and I swear the child doesn’t know what to do with herself if she doesn’t have a class to go to- she loves dance!

Speaking of dance, this was the view I had a couple of mornings this week through the door and viewing window. Beth and Carissa moved up to Tap 2 and are now tapping with the ‘senior’ dancers at our studio with Ms. Nicole as their teacher. 2010_0617_B&C-JrSrTapPrep-1w
I have to say it was a bit strange for me to see them in there LOL. Tuesday was their first Tap 2 technique class and it was tough for them. They got through it with a small bit of upset at how difficult all of the new things were, but they did get through it. It won’t be too long before they start to catch on to the new stuff though, I bet. Thursday was the Jr/Sr Prep class and they had a blast at that one!2010_0617_B&C-JrSrTapPrep-9w  2010_0617_B&C-JrSrTapPrep-8w

And since I posted a few dance photos, here are a couple of Sarah in her summer Tiny Tumblers class. She’s working on learning to turn a cartwheel in these.2010_0614_Sarah-tinytumblers-1w2010_0614_Sarah-tinytumblers-3w 

Now, onto catching up with recent layouts I’ve done.

The dress rehearsal for the big recital opening number. It was a 'Cirque de Soleil' style ballet number.TDC-Fantasia_5-16-10
credits: everything at scrapbookgraphics: Jen Caputo: Template Collection 33; by Flergs: Volterra, Party Central; Birgit Kerr: Urban Love, Joyful (diamond paper), Lullaby (sequin butterfly), Ztampf!: Satin Swirls Ribbons Pack; by Tangie Baxter: At The Ballet, Muse*ical Theater, Icky Stickies 1, Halloween Magic (seed beads); Wendyzine: Warp It; retired products: Studio Girls Funky Train (stitched sequins); Traci Sims: Everyday Essential Trims (white bead trim); Randi Oh: Bella Joy (twisted bead strand) ; fonts: MA Sexy

TDC-Fantasia-L TDC-Fantasia-R 

Brenna loves the monkey bars at playgrounds. I remember her coming home one day from kindergarten and her being all excited because she had finally made it all the way across during recess that day. I was able to get some pictures of her on the school playground during Field Day a couple of weeks before school finished for the year.

journaling: Brenna’s favorite thing to do on the playground is the monkey bars. She was so proud the first time she was able to go all the way across! She often comes home with blisters on her hands because she plays on them so much at recess with Evelyn.
credits: Zoo Crew papers and elements, Mismatched Type by Jacque Larsen, Where Bluebirds Fly by Kaye Winieki
fonts: TXT Monkeyshine and LD Letterpress

Going back in time just a bit- 2004 to be exact. I dug out these pictures of a church potluck/picnic to use with a beautiful new SBG collab that celebrates all kinds of outdoor summer fun. The little person in these pics is Brenna- my how she has grown ;)FEFC_Picnic_8-29-04
journaling: We had lots ot fun at the annual Faith EFC picnic at Fox Run Park. The tables groan with good food, people bring games to play, the smaLLer kids enjoy the pLayground nearby, and usually someone brings Lots of water balloons to ‘heLp’ everyone cool off when it gets too hot. Our stomp bottle rocket is a popular pastime too with people of all ages.August 29, 2004
Fresh Outdoors by Studio Girls at scrapbookgraphics; Template 200 by Yin Designs; fonts: TXT Monkeyshine

I sent Brenna to a party with the mice at Greymouse Manor for last week’s Lorie Davison playday at Scrapbookgraphics. She loved dancing with them! Brenna_DancingWithMice_12-1 credits: everything from Greymouse Manor Winter Ball with Everything In It by Lorie Davison at scrapbookgraphics

Brenna_DancingWithMice-Lw Brenna_DancingWithMice-Rw

A quick graduation gift bag and card I whipped up for Jenna, one of Brenna and Sarah’s apprentice teachers at TDC who graduated from high school in May. Along with copies of all of the pictures I took at various dance venues during this last year, we also gave her a gift card to a movie theater chain so she could take some time to relax a bit once everything was over. If she doesn’t have a chance to use it this summer, it is good at any of their theaters around the country so she could still use it after she leaves for college.


We’ll miss you, Jenna. Good luck to you as you go off to new adventures in college next year!

We’ll miss having Ms. Cindy as the twins’ tap teacher too. They are going to join the apprentice program this fall since they turn 12 and I’m sure they will be helping her out in her Tap classes, so  it certainly isn’t goodbye. Sarah will continue in Cindy’s combo class in the fall and if the schedule allows we might even get Brenna started on her tap technique classes. Thanks for all you’ve done for Beth and Carissa, Cindy!2010_0605_TDC-Recital2010-9w

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