Thursday, December 01, 2011

Elf Games 2011 have begun

Our trio of Christmas Elves made their appearance this morning, and brought some gifts along with them. The Head Elf realized a few of the gifts needed to come early this year so the kids could actually wear them before the holidays were over ;) Brenna and Sarah were eagerly anticipating the elves return this year.  2011_1201_Christmas-elves-1 2011_1201_Christmas-elves-42011_1201_Christmas-elves-8

A page about the Elf Games for 2010 and how it all started at our house last year. Christmas2010-ElfGames   journaling: I first heard about Elf on a Shelf from the mom of one of Brenna's friends in 2009, but I couldn't find it anywhere except online when I started looking. When I did find them the next year, I couldn't see spending $30 for an actual 'elf on the shelf' so I had these vintage elves from my parent’s ornament collection visit us instead during the month of December to keep an eye on the kids and report to Santa each night on how they behaved. These elves were among my favorite ornaments each year growing up and Megan and I would actually play with them- make them hammocks and have parties with them on the Christmas tree and whatever else we could imagine. They were well behaved and only moved around the house each night after reporting to Santa. All of the kids had fun looking for them in the morning when they got up. The kids named the elves Holly (red), Star (yellow) and Kris (green). What a fun new tradition to add to our holidays!
credits: at Ztampf!-
Elfenoel Pack, Thaty Borges- Magical Christmas and Magical Christmas Alphabets; Messy Date Stamps Vol. 2 by Michelle Coleman; DSD 2010 template by Crystal Livesay
font: CK Journaling Condensed

Here’s a page about the letter that Brenna wrote to Santa last year and his response. I  believe there is already a letter awaiting  delivery to Santa by Holly with more questions about the reindeer and how he manages everything during December.
credits: by Lorilei Murphy- Whistle, Up (frame), by Flergs and Amanda Rockwell- Happy Holly Days (alpha); Letter From Santa kit by Michelle Coleman; font: CK June Bug Louise

Special Thanks to 2 of the designers at SBG, Fhung and Lor, who listened to my plea for some elves to scrap my photos with and came up with some cute ones for me!

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