Tuesday, September 06, 2011

You Can’t Hurry Love – tap duet 2010-11

I really enjoy watching my girls dance together. Last year was their second year doing a tap duet together for competition. As they moved up another tap level, we chose to work with the new tap teacher, Nicole Ridenour, this year. They chose the song “Can’t Hurry Love” by The Dixie Chicks from the movie “Runaway Bride.” It was traditional enough for Beth, with just enough country twang in it to satisfy Carissa.

You can't take video yourself at these competitions, which forces you to buy their copy. So, to make this I played the DVD on my TV and recorded it with my video camera. I'm learning that the video camera doesn't like low ambience lighting with bright stage lights- it just doesn't compensate very well and the people tend to be a bit blown out. oh well. Also, the tap mikes at the competition weren't working very well that day so you can hardly hear the taps on the video- boo! especially since I only bought tap routines for the 3 girls that day :P It will give you the idea of it though. Beth and Carissa earned an Elite Gold medal at Legacy this year- good job girls! Carissa had sprained her left ankle pretty severely shortly after DEA in March, and we weren’t sure it was going to be healed in time for her to dance well at this competition at the end of April. It was still a bit sore, but she pushed through it and did well.

They didn’t have their own photographer at Legacy this year, which was a bummer since I was hoping to buy their photos, as I didn’t think the photographer at DEA got very good ones and didn’t buy them. My camera had started acting funny with the flash going off constantly which caused shutter delays and other weird things and I didn’t know what was going on. I kept taking pictures though hoping to get at least a few good ones in the smaller school auditorium this time, and luckily did get a few.

journaling: Beth and Carissa did their second tap duet with Nicole Ridenour as the choreographer since they moved up another level in tap technique. It was a more traditional style of tap dance this year to “Can’t Hurry Love” by the Dixie Chicks.They danced well at DEA but we were disappointed with the silver medal they were awarded. Carissa twisted her ankle the week after DEA, and even dancing at the next competition wasn’t certain. She was doing better though by the end of April and they were thrilled with earning an Elite Gold medal at this second competition.
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Blogger Kim Jensen said...

How fun! It's a shame you can't hear the tap on the video, but still very cool. Congrats to them! Wonderful layout too -- love those flappers!

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