Friday, July 15, 2011

HMS Talent Show 2011- it was “So Insane”

Beth and Carissa have danced with their friend Derek for 3 years in tap company and various classes at dance. Last year he moved to the same school that B&C attend. They asked him if he would do something with them for the school talent show this last year. We were of course thinking it would be some modified version of the tap company dance they had been working on since fall. Derek said he would, but on the condition that he could pick the song and do the choreography himself. Beth and Carissa agreed, and they spent about 3.5 months working with him on his version of  this dance to “So Insane” by Smash Mouth, which they performed on April 28. They tweaked the choreography to fit them all as they went along. It was an interesting experience to watch from a parent’s perspective since they did everything themselves, including work out the little disagreements amongst themselves. The girls had fun and enjoyed working on this with Derek. It turned out well, I think. The video below, not so much LOL Lighting was horrible,  the video camera overcompensated, and so you mostly see silhouettes. Oh well. Good job kids, especially with the music troubles that the sound people had too.

At least the camera did a bit better at capturing the details- like faces LOL    2011_0428_HMSTalentShow-SoInsane-3-w 2011_0428_HMSTalentShow-SoInsane-4-w 2011_0428_HMSTalentShow-SoInsane-5-w 2011_0428_HMSTalentShow-SoInsane-7-w 2011_0428_HMSTalentShow-SoInsane-8-w 2011_0428_HMSTalentShow-SoInsane-9-w 2011_0428_HMSTalentShow-SoInsane-10-w2011_0428_HMSTalentShow-SoInsane-12-w

Beth and Carissa’s friend Alyssa sang a trio with 2 other friends. they did very well.2011_0428_HMSTalentShow-5-w

And the show ended with all of the participants singing  the Glee version of  “Don’t Stop Believin”. I think it can officially be declared as the school’s song for 2011, as every spring musical performance had a version of it somewhere on the program LOL


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Blogger Kim Jensen said...

How fun! Sounds like quite a project! Congrats to them!

6:45 PM  
Anonymous search for talent said...

wow it was team effort :)

1:09 AM  

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