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Dancing the weekend away at DEA

We made it through the first competition weekend of the year at the Dance Educators of America in Denver, March 18-20. The girls all did well and had lots of fun, which I think is the important thing. Here’s quick run-down of the results of the competition part of the weekend.

journaling: I hope that there are always smiles on your faces at the end of every competition- knowing that you did your best and happy with that, no matter what the score outcome was. I'm always proud of and love you!
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Beth and Carissa performed their tap duet Friday night. It was to the song ‘Can’t Hurry Love’ by the Dixie Chicks. They received a silver medal and 5th place overall for pre-teen duets.

 2011_0318_TDC-DEA2011-38-CantHurryLove-2-w 2011_0318_TDC-DEA2011-38-CantHurryLove-3-w 2011_0318_TDC-DEA2011-38-CantHurryLove-13-w 2011_0318_TDC-DEA2011-38-CantHurryLove-18-w 2011_0318_TDC-DEA2011-38-CantHurryLove-36-w 2011_0318_TDC-DEA2011-38-CantHurryLove-44-w 2011_0318_TDC-DEA2011-38-CantHurryLove-47-w 2011_0318_TDC-DEA2011-38-CantHurryLove-55-w 2011_0318_TDC-DEA2011-38-CantHurryLove-60-w

The rest of the dances we were in were done Saturday. The Dolls did their tap number, Boogie Fever mid-morning. They received a gold medal and 2nd place  for small-fry line.

2011_0319_TDC-DEA2011-Brenna-BoogieFever-1-w  2011_0319_TDC-DEA2011-36-BoogieFever-5-w 2011_0319_TDC-DEA2011-36-BoogieFever-22-w 2011_0319_TDC-DEA2011-36-BoogieFever-23-w 2011_0319_TDC-DEA2011-36-BoogieFever-27-w 2011_0319_TDC-DEA2011-36-BoogieFever-29-w2011_0319_TDC-DEA2011-36-BoogieFever-37-w

Youth Tap followed 2 dances later with ‘Bang a Drum.’ They received a gold medal and 3rd place overall for pre-teen groups.

2011_0319_TDC-DEA2011-B&C-youthtap-1-w2011_0319_TDC-DEA2011-YouthTap-1-w2011_0319_TDC-DEA2011-38-BangADrum-1-w2011_0319_TDC-DEA2011-38-BangADrum-10-w2011_0319_TDC-DEA2011-38-BangADrum-46-w2011_0319_TDC-DEA2011-38-BangADrum-54-w      2011_0319_TDC-DEA2011-38-BangADrum-69-w

It was a quick change for Beth and Carissa to their ‘Men in Black’ outfits. MIB received a gold medal, 5th place for teen line and the “Audience Choice” Award.

 2011_0319_TDC-DEA2011-47-MenInBlack-1-w 2011_0319_TDC-DEA2011-47-MenInBlack-6-w 2011_0319_TDC-DEA2011-47-MenInBlack-21-w 2011_0319_TDC-DEA2011-47-MenInBlack-23-w 2011_0319_TDC-DEA2011-47-MenInBlack-31-w 2011_0319_TDC-DEA2011-47-MenInBlack-40-w 2011_0319_TDC-DEA2011-47-MenInBlack-61-w2011_0319_TDC-DEA2011-47-MenInBlack-69-w

The Dolls took the stage again first in the second half of the day with their hip-hop number, “Big and Chunky.” It received a gold medal, first place for small-fry line and the ‘Highly Entertaining''’ judges award.

journaling: The Dolls did a hip-hop dance to ‘Big & Chunky’ from the movie Madagascar 2 this year for their second dance. Brenna wasn’t too sure about hip-hop after last year’s DEA classes, but I think doing this dance has changed her mind. She has lots of fun showing her attitude and style now.
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 2011_0319_TDC-DEA2011-52-Big&Chunky-3-w 2011_0319_TDC-DEA2011-52-Big&Chunky-17-w 2011_0319_TDC-DEA2011-52-Big&Chunky-24-w 2011_0319_TDC-DEA2011-52-Big&Chunky-28-w 2011_0319_TDC-DEA2011-52-Big&Chunky-42-w2011_0319_TDC-DEA2011-52-Big&Chunky-44-w

The last number my girls were in was near the end of the day Saturday, the big ‘Dare to Dream’ production number which will be the opening for recital in June at the end of the dance season. They received a platinum medal and 1st place for 12 and under productions.

 2011_0319_TDC-DEA2011-99-DareToDream-10-w 2011_0319_TDC-DEA2011-99-DareToDream-23-w 2011_0319_TDC-DEA2011-99-DareToDream-53-w 2011_0319_TDC-DEA2011-99-DareToDream-83-w 2011_0319_TDC-DEA2011-99-DareToDream-95-w 2011_0319_TDC-DEA2011-99-DareToDream-106-w 2011_0319_TDC-DEA2011-99-DareToDream-122-w 2011_0319_TDC-DEA2011-99-DareToDream-131-w2011_0319_TDC-DEA2011-99-DareToDream-165-w

We capped off the competition days with dinner at Applebee’s and then swimming in the hotel pool. I think the girls look forward to the swimming at the end of the day as much as anything!

2011_0319_TDC-DEA2011-swimming-3-w 2011_0319_TDC-DEA2011-swimming-1-w 2011_0319_TDC-DEA2011-swimming-2-w

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