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Misc August Scrapbook Pages

credits: Studio Mix 6: Bring Autumn Magic In with Lorie Davison, Natali, and Ztampf!; font: TXT Annesia, TXT Brush Script

My grandparents through the years from their wedding to just before my grandfather passed away. Al&Pat credits: Post Script Master Collection by Maya at scrapbookgraphics.com; font: LD Abe Lincoln

Just documenting the kids' 'loves' and 'hates' in the food department these days.JustEatIt-Aug2011 journaling: I really don’t have a reason to complain about my kids’ eating habits. For the most part, they eat without complaint whatever is put in front of them. Each of them has their ‘loves’ and ‘hates’ though, and it can be hard to appease everyone at every meal.
at scrapbookgraphics: Bethany Harty-
Food Wordart and Food 4 Wordart, Thaty Borges- Cooking Time with Kristin Aagard, Cooking Time Veggies, Flergs- Welcome to Paradise (shell); Pamela Donnis- What's For Dinner, Fiesta Elements (soft taco), Peanut Butter and Jelly; Happy USA by Shabby Miss Jenn (flag); Say Cheese by Kaye Winieki at TLP (cheese); font: CK Becky

journaling: The club season kicks into high gear at the beginning of January when FIRST announces what the competition challenge is for the year. The kids then have 6 weeks to design and build a robot that can accomplish the designated tasks in a 2 minute and 15 second period. “Bag and Tag” day was February 22, and no work was allowed on the robot after that until they unpacked it in the pit area of the regional competition the club was attending. We celebrated the end of build season with a potluck and a robot viewing to which family members and representatives from the corporate sponsors were invited. At the end of the evening the robot was sealed in a large plastic bag in the engineering lab where it waited until the Denver regional competition weekend in April.
credits: Bryan's Bots, Bryan's Bots- Graphic Splats, and Bryan's Bots- Clusters by Saxon Holt at 9thandBloom.com
font: CK Constitution, Century Gothic


journaling: It’s an Easter morning tradition in our church to arrive early and share breakfast with each other potluck-style. The tables are always beautifully decorated with spring and Easter decor make a pretty setting  for the plates heaped with egg casserole, breads of all varieties and fresh fruit. It’s a wonderful start to the day's celebrations of Christ’s resurrection.
credits: by Natali Design at scrapbookgraphics.com: Joyful Easter Bundle and My Favorite Season (postcard altered to make photo frame);
font: FO Uptown Girl Lowfat, Harting

Brenna’s Tap 5 class with Ms. Cindy. I’m so proud of her as she passed this class and moved up to Tap 4 this summer. She has her older sisters’ knack for tapping too it seems ;)

journaling: Brenna’s first year of tap with Ms. Cindy on Saturday mornings. Her friends Brieylle and Riley were in the class too. They danced to “Safety Dance” from Glee.
credits: by Redju at scrapbookgraphics.com:
Black Textures Vol. 2, Real Stitches Vol. 8, Paper Flowers Vol. 3, Sequin Spills Vol. 2, Texture Overlays Vol. 6- Twisted Starbursts, Sequin Strings, 3D Alpha Template;Templates 169 and 213 by Yin Designs; font: Natural Script
Brenna_Tap5-SafetyDance-1w Brenna_Tap5-SafetyDance-2w

Yep, still have Savannah pages that need to be done :P I finally figured out what to use for these pages on the churches we visited.  Savannah_churches-2pg
journaling: The churches of Savannah are a big part of the walking tour around the historic town. The steeples tower above the live oaks of the town squares. The first day I walked Savannah the churches were not open to the public, but we were able to go inside a few days later. The beautiful stained glass windows are pieces of art. The history and architecture of the churches are so different from the churches of the western states, much more reminiscent of the churches we saw in Europe.
credits: at scrapbookgraphics: Christina Renee Designs:
Authentic Artistry 3, Artistic Accumulation Faith; Lorelei Murphy: Blended Templates Bundle 2
font: Garamond


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Wonderful pages as always. I love that you can scrap with such a wide range of styles and the pages are so different, yet they all look like "you". :)

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