Thursday, February 16, 2006

RAKscraps Blog Challenge #4 Post a wishlist

I happened to be one of the lucky ones to win one of the Sweet Shoppe's gift certificates during their grand opening, so I have been cruising around their store for the last week and half trying to decide what all to spend my $ on. So far I've bought 2 things:
Aged Polaroid Alpha by Manda Bean
and Jennifer by Robin Carlton
I really love Robin's stuff and have quite a collection- I loved the browns, blacks and patterns on this one- very elegant. I had been eyeing it when it was over at the DigiChick, but always bought something to use for the kids instead. This kit is for ME :)

Some of the things I am considering using my remaining $ on:
Karma Chameleon by the Sweet Shoppe Designers
Candy Coated Kisses by MandaBean and Andrea Victoria
Love-O-Saurus by Mandabean and Robin Carlton
Splendor by Sara Carling
Fleurs 'D Automne by Sara Carling
too bad the rest of my GC won't go that far....

Oh, and I've been eyeing some things at other shops too lately, but I'm too lazy to go look up their links right now so you will have to do that on your own-
over at the Shabby Shoppe
Sugar and Spice by Taran Conyers
Be Genuine by Sara Carling

at SBB:
Gina Miller's Build Your Own Bulletin Board kit- though I am sure that if I just did a little digging around in my HD that I could come up with more than enough similar pieces to do my own version of this kit ;)
Express Yourself CD by Ashley Olson and Dawn Stocstill

I had better end it there- I see Sarah trying to wake herself up (she is sitting in the swing, just about the only place she will nap).

I'm working on getting my HD backed up. I don't know if it is just the backup software the computer doesn't like or something else, but I gave up trying to use that. I am copying all of the folders over by hand in sections to the backup drive and that is going smoothly. It isn't taking nearly as long as I thought it would, which is nice.

I'm looking forward to the FAQs you are working on Amy! I need some help badly LOL!


Blogger Kristen Fulton said...

Well, for someone who is blog illiterate, you got further than me in customizing your graphics! Maybe I chose the wrong template to start with, but I could not figure out how to get my own graphics in there without messing up the spacing and alignment of the blog text itself.

I look forward to seeing your favorite picks often... I don't get out to stores much so I never see what's out there.

5:20 PM  

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