Monday, May 15, 2006

and while I'm enableing....

go check out this awesome kit by Black Squirrel Designs! I've been to Hawaii once, the spring break before I got married. As a general rule, I don't redo pages once they have been scrapped (too many new pics to scrap!), but I'm going to make an exception for these just so I can use this Hawaii megakit I bought. I scrapped the pics when I was a pretty new paper scrapper, and frankly they make me cringe just a bit now to look at them (can you say cropping happy?!) I've asked my parents to see if they can find the duplicate prints, but I am not counting on that. I can make do with scanning my funky shaped pictures, but having a 'clean slate' to start with would be better.


Anonymous Tania said...

Oh wow, those are fun! I was a cropping fool myself, and just cringe when I look at my paper pages, what was I thinking!

3:10 PM  

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