Monday, May 15, 2006

Well, that was interesting

I used the Bloggerbot feature on Hello to upload those last 2 pictures. Not a bad little feature- you pick the photo(s) you want uploaded and Bloggerbot automatically resizes and uploads them for you, and you can add captions righ there in the Hello window too. It puts them up as indvidual posts though, I don't see a way to put multiple photos in one post a this point. though as that was the first time I've tried it, I could just be missing something. I like the auto-resizing part- That is one thing that I find a pain when I am doing it myself.

I've got some major picking up to do around the house this morning- mom's weekend off is over and things are a mess. I got laundry folded last Friday, but never got it put away. Brenna's room is a mess too and needs some help. The kids took it upon themselves to get out all of the Little People toys I had stashed away and I've got to go sort them all out again so that we can walk across the floor without injuring ourselves. I had them sorted into closed bins by theme so that we could easily switch stuff out when Brenna wanted something 'new' to play with. I was not pleased when I walked into her room last night to put her to bed. I also need to get the family room picked up a bit so that I can vacuum.


Blogger Kim said...

I haven't tried to use the Hello thing really yet. Since I started posting my layouts on my blog, I just save an extra copy at the right size in my folder for my blog images on my hard drive at the same time I do the one for RAKs, so then it's all ready to go when I want to post it. Works so far - for all two or whatever I've done that way! LOL

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