Thursday, November 01, 2007


Carissa, the pink devil
Beth, the blue flower fairy
Brenna, Cheer Bear (a Care Bear)
Bryce, a Bionicle. Since this is a repeat costume from last year, Bryce will be first on the list next year to get a new one if he wants to dress up.
Sarah, the fuzzy yellow duck. Once I got her costume on her she was ready to go out trick or treating and couldn't understand why we were waiting. The bear she is holding in this pic is my favorite bear from when I was little. My mom says I carried it around everywhere with me. He is made of plastic and squeaks when you squeeze him, and the dirt is so engrained in him that he is as clean as he gets. Sarah found it in the toy box at Grandmama's house Monday night and has hardly put it down since. I have to admit I don't get what the attraction is for her since she has a dozen other, softer bears and animals. There must be something special about him though since two generations now think he is a best friend. Sarah is definitely my daughter in many ways!

The crew ready to go out and collect candy. Sarah loved the glow stick we gave her, holding tightly to it, the bear and her treat bag the whole evening. It took her a while to figure out the trick-or-treating, but finally about half-way through she was yelling 'treat' with the other kids and saying 'thank you' when someone added candy to her bucket. Never mind that probably no one but Mama could hear her most of the time since we couldn't get near most of the doors with the stroller because of all of the stairs.

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Blogger Robin said...

LOVE all of the costumes!!! :)

4:51 PM  
Blogger Ramie Ahlstrom said...

CUTE! Did the big girls freeze?! LOL! Only in CO do you see short skirts and jackets! Hope there's no major sugar highs today!


7:39 PM  
Blogger clc said...

What a cute bunch of trick-or-treaters!

1:49 PM  

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