Saturday, April 26, 2008

New LOs

Jessica Bolton has a gorgeous new collection-Pastiche For the Boys- out at SBG this weekend, and it's on sale for a steal for the first week. It is a wonderful boy collection, but also with some gorgeous flowers too to make it extremely versatile.
(Pastiche means 'hodge-podge' BTW)

Here are the two LOs I did with it.
credits: by Jessica Bolton at scrapbookgraphics: A Pastiche For The Boys, torn note paper and barnstorm numbers from Not Quite Men, Pulled Loose and Basic Straight Stitches; fonts: TXT Stonewashed and TXT Scribbletti

credits: by Jessica Bolton at scrapbookgraphics: A Pastiche For The Boys, Fiber Balls, Foam Stamped Alpha, Eclectic Needs Neutral Buttons, Torn Hearts, Paint and slide from Not Quite Men, alphas from Not Quite Men, Love This Guy, Epiphany, and Summer Potentialities, large screw from Love This Guy, Eclectic Needs X-stitch; Date Stamps by Amber Clegg at scrapartist

and I finally finished up this LO of Brenna and Sarah playing with Brenna's new Cinderella dress-up doll that Aunt Megan sent her for her birthday. Sarah has the attitude that anything Brenna gets is hers too, which often times doesn't go over well with Brenna as I'm sure you can imagine. Overall, I think Brenna has been pretty good at sharing this. It helps that Beth lets them play with the Belle doll from her set that she got for her birthday many years ago.
(click to see the LO bigger)
journaling: Brenna received this Cinderella dressup set for her birthday from the Rodeffers a few days late. She loved it right away and spent the rest of the day changing her hair, dress, and shoes. As much as Brenna loves her new dolls, so does Sarah. She plays with them whenever she gets a chance. This particular evening she was singing princess songs to the dolls & moving them & the mice around the castle.
credits: Who Needs a Fairy Godmother, Happiest Kit on Earth and LO Template by Britt-ish Designs; Ultimate Stitches Not So Basic by Dani Mogstad, crown from charm doll kit at scrapartist, glitter layer style by Flergs, Shooting Stars by Christina Renee, gems by Melinda Staley; fonts: CK Script

We spent the morning at the zoo seeing the new Rocky Mountain exhibit that opened today. Very nice! I think they have done a wonderful job updating the zoo over the years. The grizzly bears were putting on quite a show and the river otters were obviously enjoying their new, much larger outdoor exhibit. It will be nice to go back later and enjoy the whole area again when it isn't nearly as crowded. I'm sure the zoo was even more crowded this afternoon since we went during their 'members only' special viewing time. I've got lots of pictures of course, but they haven't come off my camera yet.

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