Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bryce's birthday party wrap-up

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OK, so technically he isn't twelve for a few more hours- but we will call it close enough as the birthday celebrations are finished. ;) We had his birthday slumber party Friday evening and it went very well. He had three friends over. They are all very nice boys and they are welcome to come again any time. I'm glad to know my son has chosen his friends well. A couple of others weren't able to make it, so maybe we can have them over another time. We ate lots of pizza, apple slices with caramel dip, pretzels and chocolate cake (again, purchased from the grocery store bakery- I have to admit I love how easy that is!! LOL) and drank lots of soda. The boys declared it a very nice junk food fest and worthy party fare. Bryce opened his gifts- he has quite a stash of cash now to do something with. He got some Star Wars books, a couple of Lego sets, and a Lego Star Wars computer game. They watched the Ben 10 show marathon and the Ben 10 Alien Force show premiere and just enjoyed each other's company. I went to bed about 11:15, came down about an hour later and told them they should probably be getting to bed too. I finally was able to fall asleep after that, so I don't know what time they really did go to sleep. Bryce took a nap Saturday afternoon though, and he has to be really tired for that to happen any more. It was a good time all around.

He has been wanting that computer game for almost two years and I finally broke down and bought it for him. When we got it installed Saturday afternoon on the kids computer we discovered that it needs some sort of special graphic card program called Pixel Shaders and none of the graphic cards in our computers have that- so he can't play it. He has been terribly disappointed all weekend over that. :( I feel bad as I know how much he wanted it and how excited he was to finally get it. Maybe we will get a computer in the future that it will run on.

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