Thursday, August 07, 2008

School is in session

School has officially begun for the older kids, and I've gotten a few things done but for the most part I've been a slouch and enjoying the quieter house during the day. Brenna had her start of school testing Wednesday morning, but mostly wanders around the house asking what time it is and how much longer until the kids get home. She will go to school for the first 'real' day on Monday next week. So far the kids have had it easy- the only 'homework' they've had was getting me to fill out and sign the slew of paperwork they've been bringing home. Bryce had one small assignment today, but I don't think it even took him 10 minutes to finish. Slow starts are fine with me.

Brenna and Sarah and I went to the mall Wednesday morning so that I could get a travel book on Savannah, GA and last night I bought a ticket for myself to go out there for a few days next month with my husband after the big IONS conference is over. My mom is taking care of the kids for us here at home. It will be first time we have been on a trip without at least one of the kids in tow in 12 years. I'm looking forward to it and of course worried about how Sarah will do with me gone that long. She was in tears in the van when I said good-bye to her in Chicago for the CHA conference. I know, I'm sure she will be fine and will have lots of fun with Grandmama while we are gone, but I still have to worry a bit.

I finished reading the new Nevada Barr mystery "Winter Study" this afternoon. Wow, that was an intense book from start to finish. I think her story themes have gotten darker over the years- this one made me uncomfortable most of the time. Obviously I enjoy suspense and intrigue or I wouldn't read so many murder mysteries, but there was more than a bit of 'creepiness' in this one probably because there were so many undercurrents in the character's interactions. Definitely a good mystery, but creepy. I hope it doesn't give me bad dreams tonight.

Oh, let's see what else I've done.... I finished up a new set of digicrafts that are for sale at Scrapdish now- the Gift Couture collection, what all of the best dressed gift cards are wearing these days. It is a set of mini boxes sized just right for giving gift cards. They would be cute for shower and wedding favors too.
Each of the three templates is available separately too.
I've been toying with the idea of making my templates S4OK, but am not sure about that. It seems like every time someone approaches me with an idea for using my templates in anything other than personal use capacity it doesn't pan out and I'm left with a bad taste in my mouth over the matter. I guess I'll keep thinking on it, there are so many people making templates now that I'm not sure if anyone is even interested in mine for that sort of thing.

It's Friday special again this time at Scrapdish and my Secret Agent kit is on the menu this time, so you can pick it up for just a $1 for the next 24 hours. Can't beat that deal!

Check out this LO that Robin did today of us at CHA:
I love it, Robin! I had a blast hanging out with her at CHA and hope we can do it again sometime soon!

and I did get one layout finished up finally today- it only took me a couple of days between running around doing school stuff and reading the creepy mystery.
journaling: Clearing a spot for the tent quickly turned into a game of Pooh Sticks in the stream running next to our camp site. It was fun for kids of all ages. July 12, 2008 ~Lake McConaughy, Nebraska
credits: Calypso and Calypso Breeze by Dianne Rigdon at; Stick alpha by Carol Abrams at; Text Bytes No. 4 by Patti Knox at; fonts: Times and Times Again

I really love how it turned out. Dianne Rigdon makes some of the coolest papers and the Calypso set turned out to be perfect for these pics, and I knew that stick alpha I picked up as a freebie a long time ago would come in handy some day and that was perfect too. It was amazing how entertaining dropping sticks off a bridge into a very lazy stream was for all of the kids that first day of our vacation. ;)

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Blogger Mish Gasser said...

Oh Melinda, it looks like you had so much fun at CHA!! For some reason I didn't realize you were going. I'm so bummed I didn't make it this year. I always enjoy seeing your back to school pics from your kids. Can't believe it's that time again!

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